The Impending Storm of November.

He had had a calamitous September.

Not that it mattered. In fact, he welcomed the uncertainty and chaos that seemed intent to take him, wring him in an invisible, gigantic hand, and spew him back towards a world hell bent on making things as difficult as possible for him, simply because, they were difficult things that needed to be solved in his life. For instance, coming to terms with the fact that, he now worked for no one, except himself. The more productive work he did, the better would he be able to weave around in the new knowledge based marketplace, armed with the know-how of how the economic and financial system worked, and game it, in due course through his brains and effort.

In addition to his work, he had also changed his place of residence. Just a mere thought about changing this place a couple of months of ago had triggered this move. He had been drunk, ready to settle in, wrapped up in a warm blanket, when his landlord had called, with the news that he hadn’t been able to renew his lease, and that he would have to move in a day. Shrugging, he had agreed, and had been delighted the next day, looking at his new place of residence, since it was much better than his old one, and he didn’t have to pay anything extra. Just a simple thought that had crossed his mind, had caused this to happen in reality.

He knew there was something better coming into his life, personally and professionally. He could feel it. Feel the intuitions course through his veins, like an eager child sensing around its surroundings spurred on by curiosity towards each and everything it encountered on an hourly basis, punctuating its day with long stretches of sleep, for its brain to make sense of all its newly acquired neuronal connections, and try new things going forwards. He could feel the same excitement within him. It was as if, new doors had been opened for him, and were being opened for him as he thought. It felt great, that was all he could say at this point of time.

He sensed the world outside turn themselves in, with crass suspicion on account of the rapid change taking place all around them, socially and economically, unlocking new things of value, yet with the sense that someone, somewhere was doing better than them, and yet, this fact although, true, wasn’t being taken up in the healthy spirit and competition that he usually did, but rather with a skepticism and cold-heartedness that seemed to underpin all progress at the expense of short-sightedness and a lack of understanding about creating different types of value.

Thoughts about the future reverberated inside him every second, and only a mighty series of a few breaths calmed him down sufficiently to write down each and every possibility of change, that he wanted to bring about in the market. For too long, things hadn’t been turning out the way he expected them to, and he blamed no one, not even himself. He simply let the regret pass aside, while he sharpened his focus towards the things that were imminent.

With an almighty jolt, he began to plan. He had one month, October, before he turned twenty-five in November, and smilingly, he began to narrate, to no one, just himself, perfecting the plan that had taken months to come about.

It was beautiful.

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