Someone To Hear Your Prayers? Someone Who Cares? Its You.

“I hear her voice in the morning hour, she calls me. The dawn reminds me of her presence, a few miles away. Walking down the road, I get a feeling that I should have told her yesterday, that it’s her energy that I feed off, in spirit, in conversation, in times of good and bad, and of course, during her divine presence, which enlightens my heart everytime I see her”

“Such words indeed. You adore her”

“I do”

“So what now?”

“In today’s day and age of instant gratification, I am up for the long run. There’s someone else though. I have to keep doing what I do best. In fact, I had just my thoughts with me these last ten days. No internet, no phone, nothing. Not even books or music or exercise. Left to my own thoughts, I recognized several thought patterns which need to be tweaked”

“Tweaked? Why?”

“Too much attachment. Too much desire. Over-thinking. Too many emotions are dragging me down, although I don’t show it. Its time to focus and rejig. You should too. Think deeply. Don’t dwell on the surface level. Many do. We shouldn’t”

Sins said his adieu and left via the first bus he came across, having waved wildly at the driver, imploring him to stop. He was the fourth passenger and the only male, an observation with no consequences whatsoever, except producing a few choice biochemical reactions in his body. He closed his eyes and let the mind wander, discovering a hidden island filled with women, while he gorged on the shore dissecting coconuts. He chuckled for a few minutes and hoped to go island hopping soon.

It was seven minutes past four in the morning.

A Monday. As he disembarked and began walking towards the garden where he would exercise for a bit amidst fresh oxygen, a gang of stray dogs, settled down a few metres away, along a street corner filled with discarded dry and wet waste, began to judge his presence. Deeming him to be a good man, they went back scourging for anything, anything to fill their stomachs, as if daylight would herald hunger and threats from cruel elements. He didn’t know, he was imagining so.

Striding past the decrepit truck that had been abandoned on the service road for over a year now, according to the locals, he spied a few older people gathered together, waiting for more of their brethren, to begin their daily chanting ceremony, in a bid to feel the pleasant vibrations of a supposed supernatural being course through their bodies. Sins grinned at their beliefs, wishing only the best for them. Sins worshipped the qualities of imagined deities, not their imaginary powers. He believed in the ability of the human mind and wanted to develop it through deliberate effort not deliberate belief.

Not that he held anything against believers and their Gods. He was against blind faith and devotion, the overstepping of religion into daily affairs, the moral policing and the degenerates who professed them without an ounce of shame, mocking the intellectuals and the producers as they did so, yet consuming the resources gleaned from others’ creations like venerable, deplorable parasites. Sins condemned them, not the believers, who were too wrapped up in their devotion to look at reality as it was, preferring to insulate themselves from discomfort at any cost.

There was a time, a few years ago, when Sins would have laughed at such people. However, he had developed tolerance. He pitied them and hoped they could come out of their ignorance soon, and understand the universal law of impermanence, which stated that nothing in life was permanent. What occurred now, shall linger, and then pass in due course, constantly, akin to evolution. So would emotions, so would material objects, and it didn’t make sense to develop attachment and aversion towards one’s pleasant and unpleasant sensations. Develop the mind, not the emotion.

Sins was not a preacher. He had emotions of his own. He liked some and hated some. He wasn’t perfect..yet.

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