Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

He had been waking up at 4 a.m for the past two weeks.

Was it just possible? That he had finally turned it around? A lifestyle he had sought for years, yet with consistency and willpower having always eluded him, it finally looked as if he had turned his sleeping pattern around. His mind felt fresher, rejuvenated and more clear in the early mornings. In the day, he did more, thought more, ate his food more mindfully, tasting each and every morsel with relish, his eyes closed, completely focussed on the food, exercised better, feeling each muscle strand being worked upon, and nature, as always relaxed him completely, its breath of oxygen pouring inside his lungs, as if he had been starved of such feelings for years.

His objective was to continue this routine for a year and then watch it become internalised in his subconscious mind, no longer needing ounces of energy and effort to rouse himself up, having overcome specks of procrastination and laziness, towards a life better suited to accomplish all his deeper desires of self-development and extreme productivity, which he had always known he was capable of. Heck, everyone was capable of great feats, feats that would astound themselves, yet the wandering mind, self-sabotaged most efforts, as if to say the dreams, thoughts and desires were just that, mundane thoughts to be had, never translating themselves into reality through deliberate effort applied over a sustained period of time.

More importantly, he had been sober.

A far cry from two weeks before, when intoxicants were galore, more out of habit than anything, having experienced their psychoactive affects since he had been a teenager, who appreciated those experiences, but now as a mature adult, was continuing to do so not out of appreciation for the intoxicants’ properties, but out of habit patterns embalmed in his mind, that seemed to proclaim it was a necessity, a harbinger of peace, joy and companionship, a friend for life and an enabler to think better thoughts, have enhanced sensations for everything from food to sex and vices that aimed to foster thoughts of liberalism and tolerance, while relegating mundaneness to oblivion.

Not that he disagreed. It worked, sometimes.

Not all the time. When moderation of intoxicants went out of one’s mental plane, he or she tended to justify the intoxicant, as if life couldn’t be the same without it, when it was the same self-sabotaging mind, that was manipulating one to do so. The human mind is neither one’s friend nor one’s enemy. It is an algorithm of sorts, that needed precise inputs in order to generate outputs that over a period of time would direct the physical body and the brain to generate a sum much larger than the total sum of inputs provided. The caveat here was that, one’s own mind needed to be in sync in order to generate the best inputs, that is the best thoughts possible. Think your thoughts deliberately, lest the impulsive mind spews around thoughts that are an immediate result of the environment you inhabit.

You’re what your company is, since you were a child, imitating your parents or relatives or your friends, in terms of behaviour, speech and attitudes, that slowly entrench themselves inside your mind as you grow up, consuming media and other sources of relevant information gleaned from anywhere and everywhere from the six senses of the physical body, providing the impressionable mind with a steady stream of thoughts, actions and desires.

Master your mind, master your life.

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