How To Find Weed In Bangalore

Disclaimer: This post does not promote the use of marijuana (cannabis/weed/stuff/ganja) for recreational use in any way whatsoever. The intent of this post is to advocate responsible usage since excess of anything is ultimately bad for the user. Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru is a mega-city teeming with almost 12 million residents. It is known … Continue reading How To Find Weed In Bangalore

How Everyone Changes And A Possible Solution For Criminals on the Death Row

There were many things that he adored. Adored with all his heart. Out of all the things, he adored her the most After all, the much-professed viewpoint that each and every human being had been born with a divinely ordained purpose was a viewpoint that strived its best to sit with him in times of … Continue reading How Everyone Changes And A Possible Solution For Criminals on the Death Row

She Stopped His World

When she appeared, his world stopped. Like a plume of radiance enveloping him from time to time, he imagined her face, in all her glory, as if the goddess had chosen him to reveal her human form to. He was fortunate. Of that he was sure. For how else, had he mustered up the courage … Continue reading She Stopped His World

The Quintessential Modern Life

"She's got a smile that it seems to me, reminds me of childhood memories, when everything was as great as the bright blue sky" "Really?" "Yes" "Awesome. So have you told her?" "That she's got a smile that reminds me of the bright blue sky? Not directly. I wrote a letter a few months back. … Continue reading The Quintessential Modern Life

Make Way For The Eternal Optimist

He would often realize the error of his ways whenever he closed his eyes to account his monetary transactions into his Evernote. The Best Morning of his Life Emerging from the haze of incidents that had swept past him in the past couple of days after a few minutes of replaying his life in front … Continue reading Make Way For The Eternal Optimist