How Everyone Changes And A Possible Solution For Criminals on the Death Row

There were many things that he adored. Adored with all his heart.

Out of all the things, he adored her the most

After all, the much-professed viewpoint that each and every human being had been born with a divinely ordained purpose was a viewpoint that strived its best to sit with him in times of discomfort and pain. But what would happen was, he tended to seek solace not from the strength and willpower of his own rational, self-aware mind, but from elements of a questionable nature. Like, intoxicants, wallowing around and reinforcing himself to do nothing in particular and last, but not the least, give an impetus for negative, violent and lustful thoughts to comb through his mind, as if he were nothing but a harbinger of bad fortune.

The Quintessential Modern Life

The moment he realized that the seemingly innocent, unbecoming way of indulging those thoughts were making a beeline for controlling his mind, he decided to regress, and cut down, in a bid to take life easy for a bit and sit back to focus on the bigger picture. But what was the bigger picture? Was it about deciphering how the systems of the world coalesced together to give form and meaning to the lives of ordinary citizens? Was it about knowing oneself completely and figuring out what was the best way to live life? Was it purely about manipulating one’s biochemical system through natural or artificial means, because after all, that was it, right? As long as the mind was happily satisfied, content and satiated, wouldn’t humanity have an impetus to just enjoy and relax?

Change is nerve-wracking because one’s mind cannot come to terms with its new environment.

When the economy was looked upon as a zero-sum game, namely that one community or a nation’s gain is another community or nation’s loss, there wasn’t any incentive to explore, to think, to understand and conceptualize. However, a few human beings possessed with wonderful thoughts and capabilities, developed and championed over generations, understood about the systems that governed the world and, in the process, uplifted a mass of humanity from the life it had been so used to for centuries if not millennia.

It wasn’t about chiding or blaming a set of people for all the evils inhabiting the face of the earth, although it was very tempting to do so.

Make Way For The Eternal Optimist

Take, for the instance the moral dilemma of whether or not judiciaries around the globe ought to abolish the death penalty completely, as currently propagated by a section of peace-loving citizens and their governments around the world. However, arguments bordering from the victim’s inability to see the sun rise everyday to calls for greater punishments tend to obfuscate and deviate people from the main issue at hand, namely the real issue of what actually needs to be done.

He believed that instead of the death penalty, it would be more prudent to lock the aggressor, alone, in a sound-proof room, with nothing but his or her thoughts for company, duly watching them live inside a single, plain, white room that contained nothing, only for their minds to either try and make peace or turn inwards into madness, paranoia and the lack of willpower to live further. Of course, it went without saying that this method needed to be evaluated, tested and deployed empirically.

Onwards, he went, hell bent on stimulating his mind as much as possible. First, Cold Coffee.

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