How To Determine The Price Of Weed In Bangalore?

Disclaimer: This post does not promote the use of recreational marijuana in any way. The aim of this post is as always to, educate and inform. The writer advocates moderation in the usage of any substances that the reader may or may be planning to use or buy.

Since the recreational use of marijuana in illegal in India, the plant courts a vast black market where quality and users’ health have often been made to face the brunt of misinformation and an overall lack of awareness amongst the wider public who have given a bad name to marijuana simply because of their mental laziness to find more information before delivering their biased judgements against the plant’s many benefits.

Research is very important in the marijuana business or any business for that matter. The plant’s illegality in India is an added complexity that needs to be accounted for.

Coming to the point, and for the awareness of the general public, users or non-users, the factors that need to be kept in mind while determining the price of marijuana are –

  • The type of strain: Since marijuana is a plant, it is grown by a farmer, urban or rural. Not all marijuana is the same. Different places produce different types of plants. The marijuana grown in Andhra Pradesh, also called as ‘Sheelavati’ is not the same as ‘Mysore Mango’, which in reality are just dubious brand names given to marijuana during the time of making a sale.
  • The ‘manipulation’ done to the strain: This is the most tricky part and hopefully this point will erase all the confusion that exists out there with regards to the potency of marijuana being sold in Indian streets. The fact is that some or most of the marijuana hasn’t been grown well. It is the flowers and the resin (bud) of the female marijuana plant that users need to smoke and must be harvested by the grower. But, many growers harvest the plant too soon or leave it too late, the result being the marijuana is just not potent enough. To make them potent enough to smoke and sell them fast to prevent wastage, middlemen or distributors infuse all sorts of chemicals on them, including but not limited to shoe polish, opium, phenol etc. Sometimes, illiterate growers spray too much pesticide or herbicide during harvest time, the result being the blackish, brownish sticky paste you find on the flowers and buds.

The last point is the most important point to be kept in mind. We advise all Indian readers to read this point again and again and again and spread the word about it to as many users or non-users as possible.

If one continues to smoke this ‘spiked’ marijuana for a few months if not years, the user can develop long-term health problems and why wouldn’t he or she? He or she is practically smoking poison!

  • The credentials of the seller: There are more chances of the marijuana being well grown and sourced if the seller is a localite and not someone from the throes of migrants who swamp the cities of India in search of work. If they are not localites, ask them and ensure that they are sourcing their marijuana from states like Orissa, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur or Kerala (these states grow some of the best marijuana in India). If not these states, just ensure that the marijuana hasn’t been manipulated with as explained in the previous point.

So how much should you pay?

Once all these factors have been accounted for, bear in mind that the average retail cost of marijuana in Bangalore or anywhere in India for that matter needs to be around INR 30 for one gram. Remember this is the average cost. Anything below this figure is great and anything above needs to be factored with the quality. If you’re getting absolutely green marijuana that doesn’t look or smell spiked (spiked marijuana will smell weird and sort of stick to your hands), its suggested you pay over the average cost for once and later, bring the price lower citing bulk pick-ups or through a good relationship with the seller, but continue looking for other sources.

It is suggested to continue looking for as many sources as possible to evaluate prices accordingly as per the criteria mentioned in the points mentioned above.

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