Where Can You Buy Medical Cannabis Products In India

Note: This post does not promote the use of any cannabis product in India that does not posses the necessary quality certifications, benchmarks and guidelines as laid down by the respective ministries of the government of India.

Let’s answer something basic first to clear a few misconception out of the way. Which are the different species of the cannabis plant?

According to botanists, there are four species of the cannabis plant as explained below:

  • Cannabis Sativa known as marijuana which has psychoactive properties because it contains the high inducing compound THC which is known as Tetrahydracannabinol
  • Cannabis Sativa L known as hemp which does not have psychoactive properties owing to low amounts of THC
  • Cannabis Indica known as marijuana which is again psychoactive like Cannabis Sativa
  • Cannabis Ruderalis known as hemp which does not have psychoactive properties owing to low amounts of THC, although some strains do contain more or less THC than Cannabis Sativa L

The other prominent compound in cannabis after THC is called CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, a compound that works well with THC in cannabis infused medicines. In the United States, CBD is being used as a health supplement in addition to medicine in all sorts of recreational products, from foods and beverages to beauty and skincare products, although their efficacy hasn’t been clinically proven and are subject to verification. This hasn’t stopped companies from potentially misleading the general public by marketing CBD for everything from enhanced wellness to regulating the onset of lifestyle diseases. The bottom line when it comes to recreational use is that, scientifically, we do not know.

Many misconceptions exist. Remember its not about the plant. Its about ‘which’ part of the plant that can be used to manufacture medicine and recreational products. There’s the flower, resin, leaf and the stem. Go figure. Now its about product development. No product, no game. Law comes next.

However, what we do know, scientifically is that medical cannabis works. And medical cannabis products primarily contain THC and CBD in accompanying ratios with other plant-based extracts that may vary from one company to another. Since this post is about medical cannabis products available in India, we’ll stick to India as of now. There are two companies in India which operate in the legal and scientific domain when it comes to medical cannabis products and they’re as below:

  • Vedi Herbals: A subsidiary of HempCann Solutions, based out of Orissa, in the state of Bhubaneswar, Vedi Herbals is the pioneer of Indian medical cannabis. On the legal side, they have been granted a license by the Ministry of AYUSH, the department that handles Ayurvedic medicine in India, in addition to certifications that include good manufacturing practices and Organic certified. To maintain strict control over their products the company ensures that each and every product is sold through prescriptions only. In case a patient does not possess a prescription but needs cannabis infused medicines, the patient can simply sign up for an online consultation on the company’s website. The company has a portfolio of Ayurvedic medicines that cover cannabis infused oils, capusules, tablets and hemp seed oil based soaps.
As per our understanding, Vedi Herbals uses the leaf of the cannabis plant to make its medicines. The leaf is also used to make ‘Bhang’ – a widely popular drink in North India consumed during religious occasions
  • Indian Hemps: While we are sure the company has a certified product out in the market under the Indian Hemps brand name, we are not sure how many products are actually available. As of now, the company retails ‘Vijaya Capsules’. Users need to contact the company as according to the information provided in their website.

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