All Aboard the Evolutionary Cannabinoid Lifestyle

The gist of the post is about one’s lifestyle. Just like how nature evolved to produce cannabinoid compounds in both humans (the human endocannabinoid system) and the cannabis plant, is there a best way to live? Or rather, keeping in mind the unique genetic and personality traits honed from an individual’s life so far, from childhood to now, is there a way of living that would help that individual become more productive, more humble and hence more happier over the course of his or her remaining lifespan, just like evolution?

Another point to note is that neuroscience tells us our minds have just not evolved to be constantly happy all the time irrespective of social or economic status. Rather, there is a mean level to which the mind automatically stabilizes to, after every hit of happiness or sadness bought from by the secretion of biochemicals. So what can we do to become more productive, more humble and hence, more happy and more successful?Also, there is no doubting the fact that a majority of the people in the world continue to think riches will solve all their problems and who can blame them? Wouldn’t one prefer to have ‘richer’ problems rather than mediocre, poorer ones? One would prefer to have the option of having a lot rather than sacrifice the best options for a want of resources.

Was it possible to use stimulants on a moderate basis and incorporate good habits like exercising, reading, writing and learning new things constantly? He believed it was. Armed with multiple swaths of literature from topics like self-development, productivity, meditation and focusing on making small improvements everyday deliberately, he believed it was possible to change one’s lifestyle for the better in a month’s time, yet accounting for minor transgressions like socializing, intoxicating, dating and sex.

At everyone’s core, lay a single vision of themselves, gleaned from all their interactions with popular media portals, depicting visuals and stories of stunning successes, chiseled, sexy, ripped bodies, larger than life entrepreneurs, tycoons who ran billion dollar businesses, political heads of state and their personalities, visionaries with their quirks and last but not the least, popular celebrities and influencers from fashion, lifestyle and cinema. And everyone dreamt about the grand change that was forthcoming, the next day, the next week, the next month even, the next year maybe?

He wasn’t a preacher.

He himself had put in place a schedule that he was barely, yet somehow managing to adhere to, with a few deviations here and there. But he wanted to stick to it for at least one month. Else, what was the point in doing it? He was trying to change deep-rooted behaviours after all. Given a choice, he wanted to be an emotionless robot with a single-minded efficiency towards becoming as physically and intellectually fit as possible, but he knew that wasn’t possible as of now, because his mind simply wouldn’t cope up and give up in three to four days.

His solution was simple.

Let the transgressions happen. Let the bigger picture not be forgotten, while the transgressions would continue reducing bit by bit by bit. After all, change was the only constant. This time, for the better.Exactly like evolution. Everyone was changing bit by bit by bit. One day to a month to a few years. Evolving into better or poorer or stagnant versions of themselves. The only difference being some were aware of this and deliberately interjected here and there to make a few changes to adhere to the bigger vision of themselves, while others realize this later. Sometimes, much much later. May that not happen.

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