Where in Bangalore is India’s First Medical Cannabis Clinic Located?

2020 is going to be a big year for cannabis in India.

It’ll be a big year from both regulatory and commercial points of view. From the regulatory aspect, the United Nations verdict to reschedule cannabis in March, the Delhi high court’s hearing on February 6th with regards to Viki Vaurora, the Great Legalization Movement’s founder’s plea to legislate medical cannabis and last but not the least, a few Indian states are likely to lead the way in penning down cannabis based laws.

From the commercial aspect, we have seen a lot of movement over the years, especially among the first-movers in the soon-to-be officially christened Indian cannabis industry, once a legal body is formed to represent the interests of entrepreneurs involved or wanting to be involved in working with cannabis in India. Bombay Hemp Company’s (Boheco) CBD based oil, CannaReleaf is retailing online, as does their hemp based powders and skin products, in addition to their hemp clothing line. Boheco, thus so far has chosen to become a mainstream consumer brand focused on communicating hemp’s environmental and healthy credentials.

Health Horizons is another brand which has its own line of hemp-based wellness powders and oils in addition to other natural products focused on the skin. HempCorp based in Uttarakhand managed to procure a license, like the Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA) to cultivate hemp on a large scale, though there has been news since their announcements.

However, Orissa’s HempCann Solutions has gone a step further. Established in 2015, along with the Medicinal Cannabis Foundation of India, HempCann created its brand under the name of Vedi, to develop cannabis-infused medicines and other ayurvedic products based on plant extracts.

HempCann’s flagship products: Cannaflam, Cannapain and Cannaron medicinal cannabis oils

On 1st February, 2020, speaking at India’s only second seminar on Medicinal Cannabis, HempCann Solutions confirmed that they had inaugurated India’s first medical cannabis clinic in Koramangala, Bangalore under the name of Vedi Wellness Centre. The address of the clinic is as follows: Vedi Wellness Centre, #833, 1st Floor, 12th Main Road, Koramangala 4th Block, near Maharaja Signal. One can call: 080-456 83156 for more details.

The medical cannabis clinic will give prescriptions and sell HempCann’s flagship cannabis-infused medicines which go by the names of Cannaflam, Cannapain and Cannaron, in addition to other Ayurvedic medicines and natural body care products based on plant extracts. The cannabis-infused medicines are currently being prescribed by a wide range of doctors based in South India, especially Kerala and Tamil Nadu where plant-based products and diets find a lot of takers, as compared to other Indian states.

The principle of the company is that: ancient practices based on a plant-based lifestyle need to be validated by modern processes of scientific development to deliver more value to patients and consumers in the areas cannabis can deliver on a commercial scale without taking into consideration the recreational psycho-active aspect of cannabis. This translates to harnessing the medicinal and industrial uses of cannabis.

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  1. Finally we r goin to bright side n i love to give my every possible effort for d canna revolution in india.


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