Everything is Fucked, Everybody Sucks

Mr. Well woke up in a slight daze.

For the past month or so, he hadn’t been able to wake up with the usual spring in his step. A feeling of heaviness remained in his head well after an hour of waking up, the result being that he only felt completely awake, after a full two to three hours of waking up. He blamed the substances. There could be no other reason. There had been a stretch of two weeks where he had been completely sober. His problem was moderation. Once he began, he couldn’t stop, a habit remnant from his college days, when abusing substances was all the rage. From a sacrosanct occasion, ingesting substances had turned routine and normalized to the point of no return.

Mr. Well wanted the best of both worlds, and his choice substance was cannabis. Why? Because he liked to think that the human body produced biochemically similar compounds as the ones present in cannabis. Hence, the right dosages of cannabis would ensure his body remained in homeostasis or balance, all the time, thereby positively influencing his mood, sleep, appetite and hence, productivity. He wanted to be as productive as possible. After all, it was a competitive world, and instead of mindlessly aiming and chasing the industry benchmarks, it made more sense to choose alternate pathways to get ahead. Life was the same.

What is life? As far as he was concerned, he had stopped believing in the divinity, the sacredness, imparted to life, as if all of humanity were somehow linked to a cosmic plan. But he did believe in a force. He just didn’t know what that was. He kept imagining that the earth, and the universe were somehow a small part of a small living cell, in turn housed inside another living organism, in turn inside another and so on, until what was visible was a gigantic loop of universes. It felt crazy as he thought about it. This particular image spoke to him in the sense of life’s pointlessness. But then, it was no reason to just sit back and chaste the capitalist system, when the fact was that life’s pleasures ought to be sought after. Evolution would not stop.

Everyone was changing. Day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade. Becoming wiser or stagnating or regressing, depending on the type of thoughts and circumstances that swept through everyone’s lives on a daily, second by second basis. Was there an ideal to ascribe to? An ideal set of thoughts? An ideal set of values, ethics and beliefs? It was difficult to say. The world was already so polarized, and yet the world was also so united in its diversity. He refused to bow down to negativity and helplessness. Instead, he would preach the values of humanism to each and everyone, and try to resolve differences as amicably as possible, and really try to understand what exactly it was that made humans nice or angry towards other groups of people.

Mr. Well kept thinking about the human body. An intricate system of cells, organs and fluids that co-ordinated amongst each other, the constituent systems – from the digestive system to the excretory system – all regulated and governed by the endocannabinoid system. Wasn’t this system of governance similar to modern democratic governments, who were in turn kept in check by the judicial system and other citizen-centric bodies? The main point of difference was healing. While the human body was programmed to be perpetually self-healing, with its immune system constantly on the guard against malicious systems of attack, human beings sought to corrode the system by invoking corrupted values which in turn went on and on till the entire system either collapsed to the point of no return, or was replaced by another set of human beings altogether.

What was the point?

The human being was faulty. The human being itself was a product of so many variable factors. Namely, socio-economic conditions while growing up, health, education, family welfare and immediate community to name a few. The human being is complex. Brace yourself.

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