The Heart is Racing, It Keeps on Repeating

Three hearty swigs of freshly brewed beer later, Mr. Well reckoned that another couple of hearty swigs of beer were in order. He didn’t drink often, preferring to let his body recover for days and weeks at a time before the next swig of beers. Mr. Well liked mind-altering substances and his preferred choices were cannabis and freshly brewed beer. Either one of them at a time. On a few occasions when he had mixed the two in the same night, having had one or either after the other, there had no been no ill-effects apart from sudden bouts of dehydration that caused dizziness.

Apart from these minor issues, his body was used to processing the compounds present in beer, cannabis and tobacco, with tobacco’s ingestion being dependent on the prevalence of cannabis and beer or both. Sometimes, Mr. Well flirted with ideas of being completely sober for days at a time, often choosing to do exactly that, the result being an increased sense of clarity and purpose. However, on a few occasions he had also noticed that on a low dosage of beer or cannabis, he had been able to experience the same sense of clarity and purpose as well. Mr. Well liked to explore the connection between different segments of humanity under the assumption that the world’s humans believed in the ethos of humanism.

Humanism states that human beings ought to resolve each other’s differences by dialogue, while admitting each other’s limitations. It also meant overlooking differences from a social and cultural point of view, primarily because it was the difference in culture that caused the maximum suspicion among different communities, with each community having their own means of looking at how the world worked for the maximum benefit of themselves.

What is culture, then? Culture encompassed an entire way of living and was in turn dependent on multiple things which change from person to person. Like parental outlook, socio-economic circumstances, immediate environment while growing up, personal and professional circumstances and so on. Everyone is different, yet everyone is also similar, in the sense that everyone is a part of the global value chains that share, transmit and receive useful information to enhance our standard our living, provided we choose to do so.

On the talk about complexity, Mr. Well thought that with more and more human beings seeking to become more useful to themselves and their communities, it was reasonable to expect that there would be a change in how people defined their own identities. More people would live for themselves, which went against the ethos of community and family, the bedrock of human social structure, because community played an essential role in taking care of every individual’s survival from nature’s hardships, during the course of which commerce and science took shape, overcoming the hold of faith and belief over humanity’s psyche.

Mr. Well wanted to bring more clarity into the world.

He wanted to empower each and everyone to make the right decisions. After all, what was life? The current system sought to distribute the world’s resources through the democratic-capitalist ethos, whereby science, capital and governance sought to address the distresses and needs of the world’s populations. To improve each facet further, it was imperative that humanity developed a new system, a system that could be rooted in technology, was accessible to each and everyone on the planet and decentralized. It was more a question of what’s next for the human race as we continue to add millions to our population every year, while falling out with the systems nurtured by natural selection over millions of years.

Till then, let’s live each day with the knowledge that all of us belong to something greater than ourselves. What do you want to live for?

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