Scoring Cannabis in Urban India During Coronavirus

Disclaimer: this post does not promote the use of recreational marijuana in any way. The aim of this post is as always, to educate and inform our readers about the complex narratives that give shape to our modern world as we come to know it.

India is currently going through many problems, as all countries, communities and people go through problems themselves. There are personal problems and then, there are professional problems. One could possibly also have problems with one’s body, in the form of disease or weakness. There are problems and we try our best to find solutions to them. Why? Because one worthwhile problem solved is the key to another unintended, unforeseen problem, which needs a solution and so on and on, until…we’re ready to take a break and recharge our brains.

The problem of sourcing cannabis for recreational purposes in the sprawls of urban India amidst an imposed lock-down, owing to the coronavirus pandemic, makes for an interesting problem to solve.

“The quality of the cannabis that I am scoring these days is very bad. It is not green in colour, as it obviously ought to be. And secondly, its selling for three to four times the average selling price obtained during normal climes”, says Abhinav Kumar, who resides in Marathahalli, Bengaluru. “I’ve been working from home for the past one month having the time of my life. Of course, I miss heading out to have a drink or meet people in person. But, here I am, making peace with what I have, saying grace, cooking my own food, smoking, reading and writing, so yeah, on the whole I’m having a good time. Where do I work? Its Wells Fargo. You’ve heard of it?”

We’ve heard of Wells Fargo. Thank you very much.

Roshini Singh, a resident of Domlur had a completely different experience. “It has been a nightmare, this lock-down, it really has. I simply haven’t been able to adjust at working from home. I end up getting distracted, avoiding my work, watching a lot of online content including pornography and just generally whiling away my time like order more food than usual. I was down to my last few grams of cannabis last week. I’ve tried a lot. There are groups on WhatsApp solely made for people trying to source cannabis during this time of lock-down”

“Four to five guys had already seen a great opportunity to make money before-hand, or maybe they just got lucky, I don’t know. Anyway, I received word that they are staying somewhere in HSR Layout and are delivering cannabis to people staying nearby, late into the night and early mornings. I’m in touch with them. However, I need to go reach a vantage point at three in the morning, and I don’t want to risk it. There are cops patrolling the streets at night to enforce the lock-down. But I’ve heard its safe to roam outside in the morning between the the window of four and six”

“I’ve been completely sober, against my will”, says Vaibhav Mehta, who stays in Whitefield, a suburb in the eastern part of Bengaluru. “I don’t like it at all. These days, all alone in my room, during a few moments of absolute silence, is when I truly become myself. I have realized that I don’t like my work at all. I don’t believe in what I do. Not one bit. It is wrong right? Working mindlessly on something, I don’t even believe in? I mean, I get it. I didn’t build the product. I get that. But that’s the thing. I like building products. The only thing is that, I’m not doing it. I’m it support, even marketing it, and ultimately selling it, yes, that’s all fine and well. But I didn’t build it, you see. I didn’t make it. So how can I believe in it?”

“This happened with me during my previous stint as well. It was all fine and well, initially. I was quite comfortable, you see. All I needed to do was look out for good institutions and companies to lend out capital to. Nothing serious about it, you know. Fancy words, delivered smoothly or confidently, or both, preferably both, you know. A bunch of subjective words thrown in for good measure, which never made any sense at all, for some reason, again and again and again. It was the same, you see? I wasn’t making anything. I was I admit it, sometimes, irrespective of all the money I make, I feel as if I’m a fraud. I need cannabis, I really do. Only cannabis can make me feel at peace, and give me a shot at doing something real for the first time in my life. I want to learn how to build drones. I’m going to revisit my old electrical engineering degree, you see”

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