Life Is Not Beautiful

When push comes to shove, it is prudent to admit that life is not beautiful, sometimes. So common is the adage which broadcasts a spectacular image of life’s beautiful things, deliberately picked and chosen from among life’s much greater than usual moments of ugly, distressing and downright sickening, revolting moments. While the reason to do so may range from being positive or motivating or idealistic, it does not matter. What matters is understanding the fact that life is not beautiful. It is better to choose another adjective for oneself, something more personal, for the present moment, rather than state an abstract, generic word which is not grounded in reality.

“I want to know”, said Mr. Sins in a serious tone, like someone about to discover one of his life’s significant moments. “I want to know who runs the world. Somewhere, deep inside my mind, I think the truth is that no one runs the world. That the world is too complex for one person or group to control. We have all come across numerous theories and documentaries who base themselves on the role of the world’s central banks in dictating the fortunes of the world as we know it. But I feel even those entities will need to evolve as the years pass by. I mean, imagine 10 years from now, in 2030, what if Central Banks are run by an algorithm which dictates when is the right time to inject capital money infusions into an economy and decide interest rates not just for one particular nation’s banks, but all the banks and financial institutions across the world?”

“In that case, we’ll require another algorithm to optimize every nation’s trade inflows and outflows”

“Yes. We would require another algorithm to optimize the flow of goods and people within a nation too, which would be integrated with another algorithm that’s meant for the entire world. Transparency will increase. Imagine, a single ledger, accessible to anyone to build their own ideas and services on top on, once all these flows of payments become clear, like a nation paying a sum of amount obtained from their people to another country for goods. Imagine a real-time system where a mass of people together decide what to buy and from where based on reality and accountability from everyone. That is my vision. I think its inevitable”

Mr. Sins focused on the Electric Vehicle market for a bit, trying to find the names of the companies and nations who had access to mining reserves of lithium. He wished he had the capability of Elon Musk and put together a space mining venture, reducing the planet’s dependency on earth’s minerals by mining materials from other planets. He knew space tourism, as a consumer market was just a distraction. The real value lay in exploring other planets for minerals to produce better products and services which could be more durable, stronger and lighter, equipped with the desired electrical or chemical properties. He was considering building a portfolio consisting of the leading companies involved in the electric vehicle ecosystem, from the mining companies who would mine the lithium, to the battery manufacturers, to the automotive companies who would actually build the car and the developers who would build the charging infrastructure.

“Just take things easy for a bit. Life is beautiful, isn’t it?”

Mr. Sins shrugged.

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