The Cannabis Playground In Bengaluru – Part 2

Disclaimer: This post does not promote the consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes in any way. The aim of this post, is as always to educate and inform our readers about the complex narratives that drive our world as we know it.

In the first part of today’s story, we have explained how a few residents from Bengaluru were trying their best to get access to cannabis for recreational purposes, while suppliers were trying their best to keep up with the demand. It has now come to our notice that, in order to fill the vacuum caused by the shortage of fresh, organic, correctly grown cannabis, adulterated versions have taken a foothold in the market.

“Before the lockdown began, the market share of adulterated cannabis hovered somewhere between 30% to 40%, not more than that. Bengaluru has always been well supplied with freshly harvested cannabis, which is transported into the city from other cities and towns. However, we loose at least 10%-20% due to crackdowns or raids by government agencies. At any point of time, at least half the market consists of cannabis as how its supposed to be. We do not support suppliers of adulterated cannabis. They give us a bad name and cause all of sorts of problems for the user’s health”, says Prakash, 43, from Rajajinagar, a recreational cannabis marketer primarily operating in Bengaluru’s western markets.

“Many people aren’t aware and have been unlucky to never have had access to the right kind of cannabis. Its an unregulated market, you see. There are no quality standards one has got to follow to enter the market. This attracts all sorts of characters who get in and try to make a quick buck. The losers. However, we aren’t worried about them. They cannot survive in this market if they continue to supply adulterated cannabis. We educate all our customers and ask them to read up about cannabis on the internet. Once they do, they have more clarity that cannabis is a consumer product like any other and needs to be looked at from a more practical lens”

“Its called spiked weed”, says Neha, 28 from Sarjapur.

“I was unlucky to have had spiked weed during my first cannabis trip. It was the worst feeling I have ever had. My head felt so heavy and a sense of weakness started falling over me. Some of us who tried it never had the stomach to think about cannabis ever again. However, the next day I was curious. Why had I felt the way I did? I remember watching my friend crushing the cannabis and thinking to myself as to why it wasn’t looking green, as I had seen it in a few pictures on social media? It had a very small hint of green, while the rest of it was blackish, brown. I hate to think what they had adulterated it with. Once I found out the reason, I resolved that I would not touch adulterated cannabis ever again. Its like me saying, I will never have spurious alcohol ever again. How many times have we read about people dying because of spurious, unbranded alcohol? Its the same issue with cannabis. I need the Johnny Walker of cannabis”

The lockdown has seemingly given an impetus for adulterated cannabis suppliers to charge exorbitant prices from users, many of whom have not realized that quality control is relevant for the cannabis market too. They ought to take a hard look at their own professional life, especially if they are working with a consumer products company that sells products directly to consumers in the food, beverage, electronics, home care, personal care, sleep and other business categories.

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