The Call of Starr

“I just want you to know; I’ve found a reason for me; to change how I used to be; a side of me no one knew; a Reason to start over new, and the reason is you”. Hoobastank blared out at him from his phone and he couldn’t agree more. He had spent much of his life agreeing to many things and many theories. At this point of time, the only things and theories he cared about were the circle of life amidst a lifeless looking world, a renewed sense of hope amidst a hopeless world and points pertaining to Starr. For, Starr had always been there. Even if she wasn’t, she was. In hope and spirit anew.

The wind blared too. The bulb flickered only so little, as if content, yet forlorn at the sense of being made for humanity’s light. Fables, stories and tales of old, yet no one had ever really seen it being so bold, for the carnival of the stars overhead played themselves out over and over and over again, as if the strength of their flickers held the light of the world, on their own. For the men may come and the men may go; for the women may come and the women may go, yet the world goes on forever, and ever. For all the times times spent watching the mad masquerade of impulsive, reckless, heartless decisions serenading as deeds of necessity, who knew the ways of the world, for what if the mad masquerades were subject to mad masquerades of their own?

Borders, nations and lines weren’t a bother. For they represented the deeds of misplaced past. Having the sense of historical past, only served to reopen fresh ones, alas. It didn’t matter if names, religions had taken hold, for what mattered was the strength of the unnamed young, on whose backs, brains and minds, upon which the future shall be built. Each one lost, is a body lost. For no matter, how the end shall arrive, what we ought to not swear by, is the language of the lie. For all the lies that admonish, yet they conjure the image of the weak. Upon whom the dumb, yet confident reign, pledging their alliance to the lord of the weak. It sucked. And sucked to the core.

Like a bane of light, Starr had him alight,

A pause, stare and smile beyond, who were he, if not in awe? Neither the sound of the dumb, nor the envy of the freak, could, realistically speaking at this point of time, distract him from her gaze, for what he held this moment, was his first one, ad infinitum. The still, small tiny speck of the moon laughed at him even from afar, as his app lent itself the directions bearing home. Its said that the home is where the heart is, but what a shame, cause everyone’s heart doesn’t beat the same. As far as he was concerned, the beating of his heart at this point in time, frozen, had to mean that it didn’t matter what he thought, if at all. It was Starr.

Everywhere he saw, he saw, and heard the call of Starr.

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