Meatless, Colombia and the War of Internets

The Kush

Hi! Welcome to the 2nd edition of The Kush, our newsletter written specifically for Mondays and Tuesdays. Not because Mondays and Tuesdays need a burst of newsletter-driven dopamine, but because we think Mondays and Tuesdays deserve a special dollop of positivity and hope. So let’s get into some positivity and hope. Secondly, what should we do with our lives? Here we go.

A Meatless Future? The End of Industrial-Animal Farming?

First, let’s be honest. Meat lovers like how meat tastes. Yes, at the core of it it’s a living being that has been killed cruelly/killed kindly by machines and/or human beings for their flesh, to be eaten or used for something else, maybe leather products like shoes or handbags.

Not all meat is the same. There’s meat from cows, buffaloes, chicken, sheep, goats, lambs, pigs, fish, dogs and the like. Insects can be eaten too. In short, any flesh that can be roasted over a fire and softened or grilled or barbecued, can be eaten by humans depending on which part of the world they live in and what that region’s culture and customs dictate. One should also add spices, herbs and sauces to amplify the taste of cooked meat.

Plus, animal meat-based companies and their CEO’s are increasingly being singled out for animal cruelty and environmental concerns. The ongoing pandemic has caused many people to think as if animals other than dogs, cats or parrots, need to be left alone and away. Fortunately, a bunch of companies are using plants and lab-cultured cell technology to tide over all possible calorie-intake, nutrient-intake and taste-related issues.

By this time, you may have guessed what we’re going to say.

Yes, use cannabis (hemp). One of nature’s most nutritious sources of food. And it can also be infused with all sorts of beverages and food sources. Please Google (or any other search engine) it after this post ends. When it comes to India, there’ll likely be a large cohort of people of both varieties – one set who wants to continue as is and rely on animals for meat (Chicken is the meat dominant in India), and the other set who may be swayed over by the environment or animal cruelty factor.

Colombia to Hong Kong

When we hear ‘Colombia’, we think of Pablo Escobar and Penelope Cruz. In short, Colombian references usually relate to narcotic drugs, guns, guerilla warfare in dense jungles and probably, beautiful women. However, no one talks about Colombian cannabis (as much as they do about cocaine). Today, we will. Because a Colombian cannabis company just signed a distributorship deal for Hong Kong to expand in the Asia Pacific.

According to Investing News:

Khiron Life Sciences Corp. is a vertically integrated medical and consumer packaged goods cannabis company with core operations in Latin America, and operational activity in Europe and North America.  Khiron is the leading cannabis company in Colombia and the first company licensed in Colombia for the cultivation, production, domestic distribution, and international export of both low and high THC medical cannabis products. The Company has presence in Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, UK, Spain and Germany, where it is positioned to begin sales of medical cannabis”

We love reading about successful, visionary cannabis companies. It doesn’t matter which country where they hail from, as long as their ultimate intentions are good, which is to serve the goodness of cannabis and other plant derived products across the world markets. We should likely see an Indian cannabis company going global soon, hopefully in 2020 itself.

The Digital Firewalls

We’re thinking about 4 internets accessible to the world’s people:

  1. The internet led by American technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Facebook
  2. The internet led by Chinese technology companies like Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent
  3. The Indian internet where American technology companies, together with Reliance Jio and the Government of India, band together to keep the Chinese out, by hook or crook, that ultimately will end up looking like a war of egos and envy.. What if the Chinese indeed prove, once and beyond all doubt that their digital products and services follow all privacy laws?
  4. The Dark Net, the Hacker Net, the Silk Road or whatever you want to call them.

Our choices are quite obvious. What’re yours?

That’s all from us today. Have a great day :).

Keep Blazing.

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