Communal Force in Cannabis Indi(c)a

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Hi! Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Gloria Indica, our newsletter written and published for Wednesdays and Thursdays, where we train our eyes on cannabis, business and technology. If you’re reading this for the first time, then welcome. Wherever you’re reading this, whenever you’ll be reading this, remember that you can do great things of an extraordinary nature, provided you understand the seemingly ordinary looking events taking place all over the world today.

Indian Police Loves Cannabis

Indian police state forces have been on a roll, as they always have been. Not only are they catching cannabis dealers and sellers, but also actively promoting their work on social media with clever cannabis-related puns. We respect the Indian police. On one hand, India has a shortage of policemen (exactly like how India has a shortage for all sorts of specialists – doctors, teachers, you name it) and is one of the world’s most understaffed forces. On the other hand, they find themselves dealing with all sorts of crimes, taking a toll on their personal health and well-being. They’re dealing with crimes ranging from robberies, rapes, murders, homicides, illegal weapons etc. not to forget the trade of narcotic substances like cocaine, heroin, LSD, amphetamines, opium and cannabis. Again, cannabis finds itself in the wrong company and the wrong time, and ends up being pointed as the harbinger of worse things than itself.

The point we’re trying to make is that, as long as there are people ready to pay for something, there will always be suppliers available to sell it. This is the basic tenet of economics and there is no point in ignoring this by enforcing bans. Bans have never worked in economics history and never will. If cannabis, which is the most trafficked substance in India in addition to being one of the safest, is regulated just like alcohol and tobacco, imagine what a world of good it would do in freeing up our police forces’ time and effort, which can be dedicated to more productive things like gathering evidence for more serious crimes.

In fact, we think, companies should use the same cannabis being hauled up by the police, turn them into nutritious food sources and wellness products, and give it back to the police itself as a measure of goodwill.

Let’s keep blazing.

Indian Scientists Are Using (Studying) Cannabis

According to The News Agency:

“The Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CSIR-CIMAP) is working on a joint research project funded by M/s Asheesh Concentrates International LLP (ACI) to explore the THC, CBD and cannabinoid terpene-rich strains/genotypes of indigenous Indian cannabis strains at CSIR-CIMAP, an official informed on Thursday”

“In ancient India’s religious and mythological history, Cannabis has been used for millennia as a revered and powerful medicine in the Ayurvedic, Siddhi and Unani Schools of Holistic Healing. It is also well documented internationally that all the basic genetic material of all the strains of cannabis originated from the subcontinent”

“In the first year of the project, a team of 15 scientists led by Dr Birendra Kumar, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR – CIMAP has been able to perform a detailed study on the anatomical, chemical and yield attributing trait characterisation of the strains collected for THC, CBD, cannabinoid terpene and THC-a. In the coming year, the project aims to reach the test phase to prove the efficacy of Cannabis extracts as a natural alternative to many synthetic and chemical drugs which cause several serious side effects as told by Dr Birendra Kumar, Principal Investigator of the project”

Talk about good news.

It is absolutely important for India to enter the global cannabis market as soon as possible. Even if regulators and government officials act defensively about recreational use of cannabis, they ought to permit companies engaged in research and development for using cannabis’ compounds as medicine, and tap into a global healthcare market in the process. Plus, Indian cannabis is renowned all over the world for its genetics and potency, and indeed you could say that cannabis has played a crucial part in Indian spirituality, religion and culture, aligning with the current government’s dispensation towards India’s ancient medical system, the Ayurveda.

India, its 2020 and We Still Have……Communal Clashes

In the Information technology capital of India, Bengaluru. What a shame.

It’s said that home is where the heart is, but what a shame. What a shame, because everyone’s heart doesn’t beat the same.

As per LiveMint:

“Three people died and several others sustained injuries in Bengaluru after a mob went on a rampage over a communally provocative message allegedly posted by the relative of a prominent politician. The violence, which erupted late Tuesday in the eastern part of the city, lasted till early hours on Wednesday, the 12th of August”

“Chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa, in a Twitter post on Wednesday, said the attack on policemen, media personnel and others is a serious offence and strict action will be taken against all those who took part in the violence. Several religious leaders appealed for peace and restraint. The violence comes amid a sharp rise in covid-19 cases in Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka partly due to general disregard for safety measures like social distancing”

If there ever was an example for a lack of moral or common sense, it is exactly this. There is a pandemic going on, killing people anyway. And here, we’re killing people anyway, with or without any pandemic. The true pandemic has been hate all along. What can be said of the individuals who were complicit in resorting to acts of the lowest level possible? Nothing.

Sometimes, when we step back, we tend to imagine the idealistic scenario of unlimited world peace and healthy competition. In fact, cannabis enthusiasts have always said that cannabis can be the harbinger to world peace. But the thing is……it won’t. At least not completely. Maybe a little. Because there will always exist a section of humanity in each and every culture who believe in the extremist principle that, their way of thinking is the only way of looking at the world. Its as if these people imagine an imaginary world where all their whims can be satisfied just by being spoonfed, and reality was somehow not comfortable, since surprise, surprise, their intellectual capability isn’t much to talk about in the market.

Instead of competing against the rest from an intellectual pedestal, they tend to choose easier things like violence, mockery, misogyny or even worse, crimes.

That’s all from us today.

Keep Blazing.

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