Payments, China and Mining


Hi! Welcome to the 1st edition of Boomtown, our newsletter written and published every week on Friday at exactly 4:20 p.m.

A Boomtown is, as per mainstream definition a place where rapid economic progress often clashes with existing socio-politico structures to lay down the foundation of a new way of living, working and earning. The fundamental ethos of capitalism lies in the concept of credit, a belief that things will be better in the future and in order to achieve said growth in standards of living, one ought to have a sense of hope. Boomtown is more or less, about hope.

What Should You Do?

Your monthly bills are due, your payments are due, your stipends are due, what should you do? And yet sometimes you hate budgeting and wish you never had to worry about your cash reserves……forever. As if a sugar daddy or mommy were always around to look after all your whims and fancies. Yet, there’s a problem. In the unlikely scenario that a sugar daddy or mommy, were indeed to be found, after a few blissful weeks or months, you would still feel……something missing.

What is it that’s supposed to be done with our lives?

Imagine for a second, how privileged this question is. I mean, there are millions who live from one day to the next, one meal to the next, always in perpetual fear that something or the other may happen to them. And here are we, debating about questions regarding existence, since all our basic survival needs are taken care of. We have all sorts of questions like these, especially when we’re blazed out of our minds, and especially when we consider the present state of political leadership across the world today.

Let’s keep blazing. What should we do?

Where is Humanity Going?

There’s always this nagging question – who is in charge and why?

If you’re someone who hates people who show authority without them being deserving enough to do so or if you’re someone who does not like being told what to do, especially from someone who does not deserve to do so, we’re writing this for you. You’re a champion and you should stay as is, until and unless you are secure in the comfort of your own knowledge to find your own way to do things and take charge of your own destiny.

Let’s go to China.

The very thought makes us laugh. The entire world seems as if its obsessed with the Chinese growth model, many voicing their admiration at the sheer speed at which the Chinese seem to operate. More than not, what we should admire the Chinese for, is their belief in a singular vision, that their nation deserves to be at the forefront of all economic progress, cast into stone by a ruthless socio-politico regime that seldom borders on state-sponsored censorship and surveillance. Even many Indians are attracted by this model, since it is in the blood of many Indians to obey and serve, sometimes without even questioning what or why they’re even doing something, and for whose benefit.

The true answer to the question about where humanity is going, is that, humanity is going nowhere. We’re likely to see many people make astounding leaps in standards of living, while we’re also equally like to see many people lose hope and resign themselves to the promises never kept, dreams never lived or missing opportunities not taken because of change or fear of the unknown.

Everything is Fine

Do you’ve skills? Any kind of skills? Skills, being anything that you can do, or things that you’re good at doing.

For instance, in the 19th century, mining metal was a very useful skill to have, never mind how it was mostly about screwing your lungs and working your muscles to death, for wages. Mining has spawned boomtowns of every kind. Coal, gold, iron, copper, aluminum, you name it. Mining metal was indeed very useful. Today, you would be a miner only if you didn’t possess the resources to move to an urban centre.

We think reading is a great skill to have. Reading just about anything, provided its useful. Here’s where things get interesting. How can you tell what is useful and what is not? Today, we are deluged by all kinds of websites and apps who seemingly have the solution to all our problems (mostly boredom). And ultimately, does everything boil down to one single fundamental question – how can I get ahead in life, make more money, get the best sex, eat the best food, drink the best beverages, have a killer body, blah, blah, blah, and blah?

You need skills. You must do things. Not just think about it. Actually do things. Like making your own bed. Cooking your own food. Challenging your lazy ass to take a walk in the morning. Take English classes. Whatever.

That’s it for this week 🙂

Keep Blazing.

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