Virtual Reality Sex and the Joy of Creation

The Kush

Hi! Welcome to the 6th edition of The Kush, our newsletter written specifically for Mondays and Tuesdays. How’re you doing?

We’re approximately 130 odd days away from 2021. Yes, 2021! 2020 will go down in history as one of the longest or one of the fastest years in written human history. Not literally, of course. But, mentally. There are many people whose entire worlds and lives have been upended, they’re doing something that they never imagined in their wildest dreams they would. There are many people who are just about clinging on for survival, each day, every day, from week to week. There are many people who have pushed themselves to do things they’ve been holding on to for years or months. And there are also people for whom, probably none of anything made any difference whatsoever.

Which one are you, reader?

Screwing Each Other in Virtual Worlds

On Netflix’s Black Mirror, there is an episode where virtual reality, wearables and biological sensors have been commercialized and are so easily available to the extent that, VR developers have created worlds where people could do all sorts of physical things to each other and choose the gender of their choice while doing so.

In the unlikely (in the next decade) scenario this were to transpire in reality say in the decade 2030s onwards, what should we do? Jump inside it? We can have multiple worlds, with each world a place to avail a certain fantasy or a sense of lifestyle. For instance, a world where there are only music festivals and concerts being held, surrounded by men and women abusing all sorts of drugs; a world where people come in their virtual avatars to kill, maim and cut each other into pieces like a battle royale game; a world where you could fly; a world where you could be invisible and so forth.

Of course, these worlds wouldn’t be free to enter.

The more demand for a particular (likely to be sex. Imagine if Xvideos or Pornhub were to commission the development of a virtual sex world) world, the higher it’s subscription fee would likely be, that’s just simple economics 101. I mean, is this what the future holds? That we lose the sense of actual reality and satisfy all our needs, wants and desires inside a virtual, infinitely bounded world? It could apply for everything. Take Education: attend a virtual world where the world’s best teachers teach you the fundamentals of every subject you are interested in, personally. What you can’t imagine at this point of time is simulating the experience of being high in a virtual world.

That won’t happen.

Let’s keep blazing. What’s next?

Creation brings the greatest joy. Let’s Create.

We can’t stress this enough. We may be wrong yes, but something really very fundamental for us is the joy of actually doing something using your hands and legs in tandem with your brainy mind. For instance, why do we get bored of looking at spreadsheets? Maybe because those rows and columns are about things or assets you’ve not built with your own hands. Why do we get bored of making sales calls or thinking about marketing campaigns, and then monitoring the return on spends made for the same? Because you haven’t made the product or service you’re selling or marketing in the first place. Is it right to say that to some extent procrastination is caused because you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, and the reason you don’t enjoy it is because is that you’re merely selling it or marketing it, you didn’t build it.

We tend to get bored when we ‘work’ on something that has not been made by us.

It’s the creators who make the greatest bang for their buck because they can control what they do and evaluate its value in the overall socio-economic system. Let’s also remember that there are men and women whose job it is to monitor or create the ‘systems’ that govern or regulate what the creators do within their domains. Who’re these people who are responsible for the system? Who controls the factors of all production in the world today? Who are the people who control the amount of currency being generated in the world today, much of it being created out of thin air without being backed by something that’s made in reality?

It’s a lot to digest. We know. Read it again if you couldn’t keep up. Read it slowly.

Let’s keep blazing.

Cannabis Raids. Raids. Raids and More Raids.

Let’s look at the last 7 days. Below are the quantities of cannabis seized as per news reports in some popular India media brands:

Tallying these amounts give a total of 2847kgs which is 2.847 tons. That’s it.

We feel bad for the police. They’re fighting a losing battle.

We’re sure that in the deepest recesses of their own minds, they ought to be thinking: what is going on? How can we eliminate a plant that evolved from the earth 28-38 million years ago (and humanity evolved 6-7 million years ago) and that shares biochemically similar compounds that are being produced right now in our own bodies? And now that we have caught some people transporting cannabis to people who want them, what do we do with it? As it is we’re understaffed, we’ve to run after cannabis as well.

Burn it? Or sell it back in the market and make a quick buck ourselves? After all, if we can tolerate alcohol and tobacco which are causing deaths in their millions, let’s thank cannabis and make a quick buck and continue doing more of the same. What a beautiful market the cannabis market is. Unlimited demand and the government leaves it unregulated? Brilliant.

Let’s keep blazing.

Have a great day 🙂

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