Cannabis is Winning. Again.

The Kush

Hi! Welcome to the 7th edition of The Kush, our newsletter written specifically for Mondays and Tuesdays. If you’re reading this for the first time, then welcome. Wherever you’re from, whenever you’ll read this, just remember one thing – Cannabis is winning, again.

Cannabis Is Winning. There’s no doubt now.

Can the United States House make history in September and make 2020 the year when Cannabis came back to the World’s Centre Stage and endorsed itself, again, as one of humanity’s oldest cultivated crops for food, fuel and medicine?

Make no mistake though: Cannabis never went away. Angry or bent government officials and the misinformed public tried their best to ignore it for 70-80 odd years, but the Cannabis plant obviously never went away. It kept growing wildly and men and women who were wise enough to think with their own brains and minds, made sure they used it for productive or recreational purposes.

It is finally happening. Legalization is coming. Permanently.

According to Marijuana Moment:

“During the September work period, the United States House is expected to consider the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (MORE Act). The MORE Act decriminalizes marijuana at the federal level by removing it from the Controlled Substances Act. This would allow state law to determine the status of marijuana legality for each state”

“The bill also requires federal courts to expunge prior marijuana-related convictions and arrests and authorizes the assessment of a 5% sales tax on marijuana and marijuana products to create an Opportunity Trust Fund. This fund would include grant programs administered by the Department of Justice and the Small Business Administration to support individuals who have been adversely affected by the War on Drugs, provide assistance to socially and economically disadvantaged small business owners, and minimize barriers to marijuana licensing and employment

Make no mistake: this is historic.

If the United States House removes Cannabis from the list of Scheduled substances, it will put across the message to the wider public in general that cannabis is going to regulated like alcohol and tobacco and it is the independent choice of the consumer or patient to seek what he or she wants. Generations have been brainwashed. But, finally 2020 is going to be the year of Cannabis.

Let’s keep blazing.

Thailand Goes Full Power on Medical Cannabis

Thailand looks as if it wants to lead Asia’s foray into the worldwide cannabis markets, starting with medical cannabis. Not only is Thailand’s climate and environment suitable (cannabis is remarkably versatile and has been found growing in the wild at multiple altitudes and temperature ranges) for cannabis cultivation on an industrial scale, but the Thai government has even agreed to endorse Thailand’s medical cannabis in the US, Europe and Asian markets as an economic crop.

Congratulations Thailand. We’re visiting soon. For other reasons.

According to The Nation, Thailand:

“Medical cannabis will be raised to the status of an economic crop in Thailand and exported across the world, according to a government sub-committee studying the draft law on cultivation of cannabis and Thai hemp. The government panel agreed to promote Thai medical cannabis in the Asian, European and US markets, he added, speaking at a seminar organised by the Play La Ploen community cannabis enterprise in the north-eastern province. Large areas of Thailand are suitable for cultivation of medical cannabis, which will significantly boost incomes in the agricultural and associated industrial sector, according to studies conducted on the crop, which was legalized last year”

Entire generations have already been or are in the process of being brainwashed about the nature of drugs and substances and have come away with a warped view about cannabis. These people, mostly now in their forties, fifties and sixties, have a very narrow-minded, judgmental and a very limited understanding about the nature of the human mind, and the possible consciousness states and mental frequencies associated with health and wellness. They’ve conveniently forgotten that all the modern materials – from the aspirin to the fertilizer used to grow their food, to the substances involving caffeine and even sweets, all of these substances have in some way or the other contributed to the current state of humanity.

What more can cannabis do, other than heal? Humanity is already so screwed. Wake up!

Let’s keep blazing.

Thanks Richa Chadha

Firstly, here’s her tweet trying to tell her followers about a brief history of cannabis in India.

Of course, we can understand that Richa was short on space and had to do her best to come up with some facts to profess cannabis’ safety in terms of usage. We, at Marijuana Maharaj feel that it is useless to try and convince people about cannabis when they don’t want to be convinced in the first place. Why should cannabis enthusiasts be asked to ‘prove’ that we’re as smart or intelligent or industrious as our ‘non-cannabis’ brothers and sisters? Cannabis enthusiasts don’t need to prove anything because the Cannabis plant is not going to go anywhere, so non-cannabis men and women can scream and shout as much as they want.

And secondly, Cannabis has science on its side when the opposite camp has nothing. The broad trend in history follows science not emotions.

And thirdly, a zero tolerance policy will never and has never worked. For millennia, human beings have chased substances that make them feel good (that’s why humans made sweets – sugar is more dangerous for all your kind information) and as long as there are buyers there will always be sellers.

How can you eliminate a plant that evolved 28-38 million years ago in Asia?

Open your eyes, bureaucrats, open your eyes policemen and policewomen, you all are just being taken for a ride and by the time your eyes do open, you’ll have nothing to say, quite simply, because there is literally nothing left to say. Instead of taking initiative and changing the status quo, you all can sit back and sleep, pretending as if the hold of power would keep you safe forever when the actual fact is that your blindness to reality has made all of you too drunk.

Let’s keep blazing.

Have a great day 🙂

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