For Nothingness As a Virtue

The life and time of individuals dictates that thou strive to do whatever it takes to prolong senses of stability and security yet makes no statements for the life and time post occasions bordering setbacks, moods and circumstances of an exceptional nature like friendships and relationships. For what it would take to make a human being happy other than his or her own sense of pain, self-interest and happiness? It would take nothing.

From a vantage point of life’s greatest mysteries, what would it take to survive another day and still, prolong one’s sense of stability and security without feeling a vague sense of discomfort and uneasiness all the time? It would take nothing. For only a sense of nothingness permeates across countless lives who dare not voice themselves because such a sense of nothingness can not be voiced out in a casual conversation in the first place, when the conversation in question after all, just meant nothingness. It would take nothingness to communicate nothingness.

It is also possible that one’s entire existence borders an infinite landscape of pale hues meandering round and round endlessly in infinite loops, meeting and conversing with shades of all hues, many of which seemed to serve no other purpose other than prolonging one’s own sense of validation for himself or herself. It would take nothing to accept one’s own validation for one’s own sake, and what better way to say this than this: it would take nothing to let go of all possibilities of expectations, yet somehow find a way to plough on, along a never-ending loop of highs and lows.

Within these highs and lows lie the throes of nothingness.

For there is nothing left and yet, there is everything left. For every high, a low. For every action, a reaction. For every expectation, there’s another. For every setback, another door, leading towards an inevitable nothingness. For every moment lost, another moment lies in wait. For every healthy cell, another lurking towards becoming unexpected, a ticking time bomb waiting to be activated on account of lifestyles, habits and dues. Where debts and bills co-exist, there exists a human body bound into responsibilities, whether his of her’s own, who knows, other than him or herself? The sooner its realized the better. The void of nothingness awaits.

The void of nothingness awaits. The beginning is the end is the beginning. Its time to set the record straight.

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