France, New Zealand and Odisha’s Trysts With Bad Luck and Cannabis

The Kush

Hi! Welcome to the 18th edition of The Kush, our newsletter written specifically for Mondays and Tuesdays. If you’re reading this for the first time, then welcome. It’s Tuesday, and we’re tripping as usual, for remember, all days are the same. Let’s not give too much importance to the names of the days, call it a result of the national lockdowns in March and April. That said, of course, we’ve begun to move out and catch the sun for Vitamin D, with a keen eye on the narratives being peddled across the world of ours today. As always, it’s the fight against bad logic. 

Let’s start blazing. 

80 French Members of Parliament Are Not Tripping  

In a scathing rebuttal to a few French members of parliament who had called out for recreational use of cannabis to be legalized (medical and industrial use of cannabis are separate topics), 80 members of the French parliament published a letter in one of France’s leading newspapers voicing themselves against the proposal. Here’s Connexion France talking about the same: 

“The letter comes after three MPs of the same party called for the legalisation of cannabis in the same newspaper last week, saying it is “the best way to eliminate selling and ruin drug dealers”. But in the new letter, the 80 MPs reply: “Legalising the sale of cannabis will make current dealers turn towards other, even more dangerous substances. Just because law enforcement struggles to keep up with dealers, doesn’t mean that we should legalise the practice.”

If we did that, we would also need to legalise arms dealers, fiscal fraud, prostitution, and no longer punish excessive speed on the roads! We see in our constituencies, parents who are overwhelmed by seeing their child addicted, their families destroyed, friendships disappearing because of drugs. People lose their jobs and young people fall into delinquency to get cannabis. The letter adds that the MPs see cannabis and other drugs as the cause of “psychosis, schizophrenia, depression, school failure, dropping out of school, dropping out of society”. It concluded: “We share the words of the Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin: ‘Drugs are sh*t’.”


We think the ‘mislead 80’ have been bought out by the alcohol (very big in France), tobacco and the pharma companies so that recreational use of cannabis never impacts sales of alcohol, tobacco and over the counter pharma products. Because all their arguments can be easily disproved by science and basic economics like we ourselves have done so in our newsletters so many times. Equating cannabis to arms dealers? Prostitution? Fiscal fraud? Friendships disappearing? Notice how none of them say how. Their audience is the audience consuming bad logic and believing it due to mental laziness.  

Let’s keep blazing. 

Come on, New Zealand Public 

On 17th October, the citizens of New Zealand will vote for a new government. 

On the same day, they will also vote yes or no for the legalization of recreational cannabis. Medical cannabis and industrial cannabis is already legal in New Zealand. Canada and Uruguay are the only two countries in the world who’ve legalized all three aspects of cannabis – recreational, medical and industrial, including allowing adults to use cannabis for recreational purposes as and when they want. Here’s the Guardian making remarks of the situation in New Zealand: 

It is believed to be the first country in the world to put the legalisation of recreational cannabis to a national public vote. But amid a pandemic, an election concentrated almost entirely on the Covid-19 crisis, and a simultaneous vote on euthanasia, New Zealand’s upcoming marijuana referendum has not captivated the mainstream public attention that it might have in an ordinary year.

“New Zealand would join Canada and Uruguay on the list of countries legalising the sale and use of cannabis for adults if more than half of voters approved it – but public backing for the measure has eroded in polling during 2020, reversing growing support in recent years. In a debate plagued by claims of misinformation from both sides – and taking place during an overcrowded election cycle – some politicians have shied away from the matter altogether, fearing they will end up on the wrong side of a divisive topic.”

Yeah, well, who gives a damn? We’re sure that the recreational cannabis vote wills scape through via the narrowest of margins. The medical cannabis patients in New Zealand and their relatives will vote yes. The industrial cannabis lobby will definitely have a great chance to be voting yes. The Maoris, like their Black and Brown (devoid of social, political and financial capital) brethren in the USA and India, have tended to be disproportionately punished for cannabis use as compared to the whites. They will surely say yes. 

It will be a yes. We hope our prediction is right.

Let’s keep blazing.      

Odisha’s Cannabis Seizures Can be Used for Medicine  

Odisha is surely the cannabis capital of India. 

This single state can probably ensure that all of India’s 3 crore cannabis users (source: Ministry of Social Justice in association with All India Institute of Medical Sciences in their report Magnitude of Substance Abuse in India, 2019) get the cannabis that they need. Of course, that being said cannabis in India can be found in approximately 400 districts of India, which is more than 2-3rds of the country. 

Like umpteen times before, we have said again and again that destroying cannabis plants will not have any effect whatsoever. The cannabis plant came to the earth before humanity, being 28-38 million years old (humanity is 7 million years old). Plus among the two origin theories of the cannabis plant, one origin theory purports the Indian sub-continent. Therefore, like it or not, our stand is that the Indian law enforcement officials are more likely than not, wasting their time burning and confiscating cannabis plants and cannabis flowers. 

It would be better for all of us if they simply handed over the entire haul to India’s medical cannabis companies. In that way, at least India’s crores of suffering patients will benefit. 

Let’s keep blazing. 

Have a great day 🙂

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