Tripping on VR, Politics and Finance

Gloria Indica

Hi! Welcome to the 20th edition of Gloria Indica, our newsletter written specifically for Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you’re reading this for the first time, then welcome. This is our newsletter when we tend to focus a bit more on the cannabis, business and technology narratives blazing across the world of ours today. We’re 75 days away from January 1st, 2021. It’s time to step up the blazes against the peddlers of bad logic. As Captain Barbossa would say “Brace up yards you cack-handed deck apes! Dying is the day worth living for!”, to his drunk crew members as they go head to head against the intimidating Flying Dutchman. 

Let’s start blazing. 

Tripping on Virtual Reality Worlds

To be realistic, we’re still very far away from entering virtual worlds via our sensory organs. 

We imagine a future where we’ll be able to trip on different types of worlds. For example, we’ll be charged a low monthly subscription fee of 100 to 200 to get access to a world where we can hunt for hidden treasures like virtual gold, silver or diamonds and then collect points to be redeemed in the real world. We could have virtual worlds themed on fitness where our sprints, pushups and splits are rewarded via fighting with simulated creatures like predators, aliens and cockroaches. 

A Virtual reality sex world could probably be charged on a premium basis where all kinds of fantasies for every kink and fetish and gender could have their own separate worlds, and blended within the other, with virtual avatars of our normal, real selves changing digital appearances and identities at will. Such worlds could also be a haven for debauchery of every kind, where people kill, maim, torture and violate other digital avatars as much as they want, but they would tend to be careful as well, because all their actions could possibly be tracked – the result being more people tracked in the real world. 

We’re literally tripping all over ourselves as of this writing. 

But real people need to eat. And for eating, we don’t think VR developers will be able to simulate the sensory, biological feeling of taste for our digital avatars. Seeing and doing is fine, but smell and taste? We aren’t sure if developers are still there yet. But we’ve to wait and watch. And what about the fact that a new free market would be created as to the number of virtual worlds a human being can subscribe to? Would inequality rear its head here as well, with separate VR worlds for the rich and others for the poor and the not so well-to-do. Hard questions beget answers. We’ll ask plenty of it. Readers be aware.

Let’s keep blazing. 

Tripping on Politics for a Better World

The moment the word ‘politics’ is uttered, somehow the mood tends to change, wherever the proclaimer is at that point of time – home, office or anywhere else. And we wonder why that is. As far as we are concerned, readers will know that we pose the hardest questions and trip on the most possible predictions available to us, because after all, what is the point of life if an individual does not trip themselves to blazes while laughing their guts off at the audacity of politicians trying to exert control?

Exerting control is a streak within all of us. But politicians, CEOs, corporate managers and elder people of a certain nature hate watching young carefree individuals who seek the freedom and the independence to live their own lives the way they want, or the way they want to work. Of course, this does not mean all control freaks are the same, but readers probably know what we’re talking about. 

What is the role of any government body? 

To ‘protect’ their citizens from harm by enforcing the law. In this regard the judicial system is an ally of the government bodies in order to dispense justice from case to case.

That’s it. 

We’re of the humble opinion that going forwards, governments all over the world will find themselves hamstrung by the increasing amounts of information that people glean from the internet on one side, while on the other they will be forced to contend and watch their ‘power’ and ‘control’ being taken away by technology and commercial businesses. This is inevitable. In an ideal world, every mature individual in every part of the world has access to the ‘best’ information he or she needs to make economic progress, while technology and businesses do their best to serve the people. 

The government (elected politicians) could get eliminated. They’re not producers and entrepreneurs (some are, many not). Hence, why are they needed? The course of evolution would dictate that, slowly and steadily, elected politicians would be needed for the masses who find themselves at the wrong end of the economic spectrum – the generations of individuals and families left behind in education and healthcare. In a real, practical world – this is still decades away from happening and by then new problems will have crept up, and maybe by then politicians will have stopped pandering to the base, primal level instincts of humanity, like hate. 

Let’s keep blazing. 

Tripping on Finance

A lot has already been said about the world’s ‘financial system’ and since we aren’t financial experts, our only intention is to trip on this system, so to speak. 

We know that there are billions of people in our world and hence all these people (who aren’t children, and hence ‘dependent’ and not ‘productive’) are ‘entitled’ to an ‘equal’ share of the earth’s natural resources. In order to figure out how to equitably distribute the earth’s natural resources to everyone, what happened was that the civilizations across the world on an almost simultaneous basis ‘imagined’ ‘value’ into things that they ‘felt’ was valuable. Food for example – plants are the classic example. Wheat, rice, cannabis, barley etc. Then our attention turned to animals. 

Now here’s what happened. Some individuals, genuinely, were a bit more talented than others, due to evolutionary chance via their genes or their environment, their diet, a combination of multiple factors. These individuals could increase their ‘productivity’ by putting their brains to work. In short, they could do more, produce more output for less input as compared to the others

These men and women found metals. They made the wheel. Then imagined stories about creation and god and mystical beings and controlled the others, who began doing their bidding. They said, metals look more valuable, now metals are currency, people can use metals to transact with each other rather than do the barter system which was cumbersome owing to the increasing complexity of goods being produced by people. Metals gave way to paper currency, since it was cheaper to make and hence a lot of it could be produced out of thin air. 

We’re tripping a lot. 

Fact things first: all currency must be backed by real stuff. Real things that have value in the eyes of other human beings. 

We imagine a future where every action we do could be tracked constantly via encryption and be ascribed value. With each thing we do, we earn digital currency. We imagine a system where ‘good’ activities earn, while ‘bad’ activities do not. But then the question comes, who decides what is good and what is bad? Politicians? The question again comes down to this: who gets to be in charge? Who is in control? 

Let’s keep blazing. Have a great day 🙂

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