The New Religion, Open Reform and Independence

The Kush

Hi! Welcome to the 22nd edition of The Kush, our newsletter written specifically for Mondays and Tuesdays. If you’re reading this for the first time, then welcome. “When life leaves you high and dry, I’ll be at your door tonight, if you need help, if you need help”, so goes Philips Philips’ Gone Gone Gone. “Children’s blood feed the dead sea of flesh; Catastrophic fall rest in hell; Flaming corpse, screaming eyes, watch it die; Walk among the dead, pick your grave”, so goes Slayer’s World Painted Blood. 

Such contrast. Such beauty. 

Let’s start blazing. 

Psychedelic Plants For The ‘New’ Religion Has Science on Its Side

‘Traditional’ religions based on single or multiple Gods often base themselves around ‘powerful’ personalities and ‘mystical’ experiences or ‘miracles’ bordering the ‘supernatural’. The ‘mystery’ about the creation of life and all the uncertainties that revolve around the question and nature of Gods is the founding principle of ‘traditional’ religions. In a previous newsletter we had proposed that psychedelic plants ought to replace ‘traditional’ religions because these ‘powerful’ plants really cause ‘mystical’ experiences, healing ‘miracles’ and open-mindedness, the same values that traditional religions propound in their scriptures. Hence, why not? 

And modern science will also ratify the same. All we need is safety, controlled environments and the right people around, to experience the power of psychedelic plants. Add in music, dance, meditation and other mindfulness practices and our new psychedelic religion is good to go. Amen. Here’s some literature to back us up on this, and yes we’re absolutely stoked and serious about this. 

This is also one of the reasons that the current political system (of any country, but especially conservatives) gets uncomfortable and does not like people using psychedelic plants because frankly, science says that among many things psychedelic plants can “induce powerful mystical experiences more commonly associated with extended periods of fasting, prayer or meditation. Arguably, then, it is unsurprising that it can generate long-lasting changes in patients: studies report increased prosociality and aesthetic appreciation, plus robust shifts in personality, values and attitudes to life, even leading some atheists to find God.” 

Let’s keep blazing. 

Words From A UK Drug Reform Charity

Quoting from The Guardian:

Cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines should be “nationalised” and sold legally in government-run pharmacies to undermine global drug-related crime, a UK drugs reform charity has recommended. In a book – with a foreword written by the former prime minister of New Zealand Helen Clark – the drugs liberalisation campaign group Transform has sought to set out practical ways to sell the drugs in state-run special pharmacies as an alternative to what it calls the “unwinnable war against drugs”.”

We can hear the conservatives, traditionalists and the sober public’s anger at these opinions. Not only are the conservatives, traditionalists and the sober public completely out of touch with reality, they also suffer from a total lack of respect for science, economics and in-depth knowledge. They tend to jump to conclusions very quickly, do not like to sit down and listen to people explain their thoughts and neither are they themselves capable of justifying their anger or emotion. Their anger and emotion will not cure real problems. Their anger and emotion will help nobody, not even themselves. They can shout all they want. 

“Transform’s chief executive, Dr James Nicholls, said the book’s practical suggestions offered a way out of a war on drugs that had failed for more than 50 years. “Our proposals would take drug supply away from organised crime groups, creating a system that reduces harm rather than increasing it. The status quo can’t continue,” he said. The father of two sons who both died on the same night from adulterated ecstasy supported the move towards a nationalised, publicly controlled supply system for the three stimulant drugs.”

If the scientific and healthcare community were to make policies for a country, things would be a lot better. Not only does the scientific community possess the necessary rigour to make policies for the well-being of all, this community also does not suffer from the negative perceptions (sometimes wrong) that are usually ascribed to capitalists and industrialists. Not all country’s populations really use their brains beyond a certain point and are easily swayed by emotional issues which have no basis in reality. 

“Ray Lakeman, a campaigner with Anyone’s Child: Families for Safer Drug Control said: “It’s time to accept drug use happens and find ways to make it safer. I hope this book helps make those reforms a reality.” In the foreword, Clark writes: “As consensus grows that the ‘war on drugs’ has failed, so does the need for a frank exploration of the alternatives … It is essential that we begin a serious discussion on how we regulate stimulants.”

The ‘war’ on drugs has failed. Every ‘war’ has always been failing and will continue to fail. The only solution is open-mindedness and dialogue.

Let’s keep blazing. 

Who is in Charge, Really?

Time and again, questions regarding ‘control’ and ‘who’s in charge’ pop into our minds and they aren’t helping. 

Time and again, words like ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’ seem to lend comfort in times of turbulence. Yet, the notion of what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ continues to harbour the thoughts of mainstream society, especially towards the younger generations. Being economically free is seductive to billions, where every individual or more, confident in their abilities to ‘create’ ‘things’ of ‘value’ (in the eyes of who will pay for it) ought to find their economic well-wishers no matter what. However not many ‘feel’ they’re economically free for various reasons because they think they’re dependent on someone else – for money, for shelter, for emotions whatever. 

Many hate being dependent on others. Many make peace with it and continue. 

Here’s us blazing for everyone. 

Have a great day 🙂

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