Tripping on Social Validation, Democracy and Pain

Gloria Indica

Hi! Welcome to the 23rd edition of Gloria Indica. If you’re reading this for the first time, then welcome. This is our newsletter when we tend to focus a bit more on the cannabis, business and technology narratives blazing across the world of ours today. Narratives that will have an impact on all of us, if not now, then definitely in a few years. How zoned out or in, are you today? Zoned out meaning contemplation, while zoned in meaning focused or immersed in understanding something. As always, it’s the fight against bad logic.  

Let’s start blazing.

Blazing for Social Validation

The yearning to feel loved, or cared for, or praised, is inherent in every human being. Everyone wants it. Some get it a lot. Some get it less. Some get it just enough. And this dynamic causes all sorts of problems, wants, needs and desires. After all, isn’t the web of human connections and relationships that get things done? Things done here meaning, blowing up a public square, jumping into a pool, partying for hours on end or going for a workout or just chilling or hanging out doing nothing but talking this or talking that. 

We’ve received praise, criticism and feedback ourselves. And all of them feel good. 

Because at the core of all of them lie the residues of the individual’s thoughts, beliefs and opinions, which leave almost no facts remaining at the end. It is this same process that has been going on since the time we were born. As babies we do something, literally anything, depending on whether the baby is being brought up in the quietness of a suburban home or a giant concentration camp. Ah, these formative years of childhood. No wonder these years shape the very core of any individual. For good or worse. For exceptionalism or mediocrity. For greatness or aloofness. 

It is the best of times, yet it is also the worst of times. 

Let’s keep blazing. 

The Blazing Elections

They’re the cornerstone of the modern ‘democratic’ system. 

That’s it. This simple system where every individual of a ‘mature’ age gets exactly one vote to ‘choose’ his or her constituency’s ‘representative’ in the country’s decision making assembly is the fundamental basis of the government, the trust in the government so to speak, led by the Prime Minister or President, the highest ‘elected’ seat in the land. The highest seat. A seat that bestows an individual with the power to shape the socio-economic trajectories of millions if not billions of ordinary people.

Can there be a better system than this? 

Till now, not yet. The only other alternative is a clear dictatorship, a single or multi-person rule.

Far too many people of a studious nature have claimed that everyone should not vote. They say that only those who are intelligent should vote, without caring to explain as to what exactly would be the criteria in deciding who is intelligent enough and who not, and secondly and most importantly, who will decide someone is less intelligent or more? At the end of the day, it’s always about this: who is in charge? 

The bad logic peddlers can harp motivational quotes like ‘you’re in charge of your life’ for all they like. But this does not clarify the aspect about the fact that no one is actually in charge of their lives from a cosmic point of view. If ‘in charge’ means having the freedom to do what you want when you want, it also by default means that one needs to build up his or her monetary reserves in order to do so. Since such a monetary reserve, if not inherited, needs to be earnt (which frankly is what a majority of the world’s billions need to do), wouldn’t that mean, one by default is already dependent on others to earn said money, because it is others who reward you money for something you’ve done? 

Let’s keep blazing. This should help us.

Why India needs Medical cannabis for Physical Pain

Regular readers already know about the fundamental science that underpins the benefits of medical cannabis over synthetic pharmaceutical products, especially for chronic issues. A study published in the Indian Journal of Palliative Care estimates that 19.3% of the Indian population struggles with chronic pain. Like we’ve mentioned before, a pain-free life is a myth. Everyone, irrespective of class or creed or religion or gender, struggles with pain from time to time. 

For some people, pain lasts for a short while, maybe a week to a month and then it’s time to forget about it. For some people, the accident would be a bit more serious and their pain issue may last for weeks to maybe 6 months to one year. However, imagine this, for millions of Indians pain is a daily struggle. Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, back, neck pains and the lot, millions and millions of pain issues on a daily basis. Secondly, pain is a very hard problem to solve. 

If there is a natural plant, whose cannabinoids (a class of compounds present inside the cannabis plant) have been proven to give people relief from pain, without the side-effects of synthetic painkillers, then pray for the love of god, why aren’t India’s chronic pain patients demanding their governments to harness India’s millions of acres of cannabis plants and to use them like our ancestors were doing 2000 years ago? 

We’ll keep blazing. Have a great day 🙂

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