Tripping in NY, Europe and NZ


Welcome to the 12th edition of Boomtown. If you’re reading this for the first time, then welcome. As of this writing, not only are we completely blazed out of our minds, but we can’t wait to continue blazing ahead for the rest of the weekend. For what else are we supposed to do, seeing such trippy narratives play themselves across the world of ours today? As far as we’re concerned, there is only one thing to do: laugh, and trip, and zone ourselves into books, reports and all the information coursing through over our cyber lives as of this writing. 

Let’s start blazing. 

New York is going to start blazing soon

We’re too familiar with the New York skyline. For all things said, the images of New York’s iconic skyline have served up dreams and thoughts about progress, capitalism and their undue destruction time and time again in the minds of many millions. And what a skyline. Many movie villains have made the city their own, as they went on to terrorize and blow the blazes out of the city’s skyscrapers and trains. Even today, we can bet that the skyline is the first thing people think about when they hear ‘New York’. Blame the very famous 9/11 images of the twin towers crashing down to earth and killing 2977 people in the process as well. 

The city will also probably play host to a huge recreational cannabis market. Quoting from Real Money’s Debra Borchardt below: 

Several key people in key positions in the State of New York have signaled an increasing openness to the idea of legalizing adult use of cannabis. The item has appeared on the state budget but for various reasons never got beyond that status. Now as the pandemic has wrecked the state’s economy, it’s looking more and more like a reality. “It was being considered even prior to the pandemic but now more than ever, as we’re finding how cash strapped our state will be as we run out of revenues, I think it will absolutely be on the table for consideration in the next budget,” Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul recently said.”

The peddlers of bad logic cannot seem to be able to fathom their mental laziness and understand the fact that people will pay to access things they want. The peddlers of bad logic cannot seemingly understand how their prohibitionist approach to many things in life, just does not work in real life. The peddlers of bad logic cannot seem to understand the basic tenets of healthcare and economics 101. They need to be helped and we will surely help them if they have the wherewithal to be curious and ask. 

New York has only issued 10 medical marijuana licenses and each of those holders can only open four locations. The publicly traded companies include Columbia Care (CCHWF), Curaleaf (CURLF), MedMen (MMNFF), Acreage Holdings (ACRHF) and Vireo Health (VREOF). The private companies include Citiva Medical, Etain, Fiorello Pharmaceuticals, PharmaCann, and Valley Agriceuticals. At one point MedMen was planning on acquiring PharmaCann, but the deal was terminated. The state currently has 129,316 patients registered in what is considered a fairly restrictive program.” 

If only regulators all over the world were surrounded by the people who do things on the ground rather than by people with narrow self-interests, the lobbyists so to speak who only pander to the interests not of the greater public good but rather to their current masters.

Let’s keep blazing. 

Regulators Must Decide and Decide Fast. The Public will keep blazing anyway.

We’ve mentioned before about the fact that government and state regulators all over the world are just about coming to terms with the changes in society and people’s needs and wants owing to so much change in business and technology adoption. They’re unable to understand as to how so many millions all over the world don’t trust their own governments when it comes to financial prudence or even competency in delivering the needs of the public. This of course, is not saying that all governments are useless. Rather we merely want to show how more and more people do not want to think or even deal with government bodies at all. 

Quoting from New Frontier Data about the limbo with regards to CBD in Europe:

Whether the legal crackdowns on CBD products will continue and spread will be greatly influenced by an upcoming United Nations vote about cannabis scheduling recommendations. Included in said vote are two CBD-specific recommendations which would respectively remove extracts and tinctures from being classified as Schedule I drugs under the 1961 U.N. Single Convention on Narcotics, and free medical CBD containing less than 0.2% THC from international control. The U.S. has opposed the measures — despite the latter’s support by the World Health Organization (WHO) — by citing “legal ambiguities and contradictions that would undermine effective drug control.

Seemingly regulators just cannot seem to be able to understand the basic tenets of molecules and compounds, or they’re probably playing dumb or they’re in big pharma’s pocket or all the reasons mentioned. We’ve no idea really. The amount of bad logic that pervades the world of ours today has affected everything – from our own parents to our friend circles to our professional colleagues. Seemingly everyone knows everything, yet everyone also knows nothing.

Let’s keep blazing. 

Still too close to call in New Zealand

The preliminary results for legalization of recreational cannabis sees the ‘No’ at slightly higher at 53% and the “yes” at 47%. Quoting from Hindu: 

“The “No” vote on marijuana was much closer, with 53% voting against legalizing the drug for recreational use and 46% voting in favor. That left open a slight chance the measure could still pass once all special votes were counted next week, although it would require a huge swing. In past elections, special votes – which include those cast by overseas voters – have tended to be more liberal than general votes, giving proponents of marijuana legalization some hope the measure could still pass.”

All is still not lost yet. We still predict a very narrow ‘Yes’ for the legalization of recreational cannabis in New Zealand. The final count will be arrived at on November 6th. 

Let’s keep blazing. Have a great day 🙂

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