The Domino Effect, the Unprivileged and Self-Worth

The Kush

Hello and Welcome to the 28th edition of The Kush. If you’re reading this for the first time, then welcome. It’s the second day of another new week and we couldn’t have been more trippier than we already are. ‘Truly, thoughts become things’, so begins Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, advocating the fact that our persistent, dominating thoughts manifest into physical reality. Talk about something so simple, yet quite difficult at the same time. Is it possible to deliberately think about our thoughts? 

Let’s start blazing. 

The USA Domino Effect

Call it what you want – ‘western culture’ or ‘the aspirational states’ or ‘the American dream’, it could be whatever, the fact is that the United States dictated the world’s political and cultural discourse for well over 5 decades since the end of the Second World War. Their movies, their TV shows, their dressing, in tandem with Western Europe found enthusiasts all over the World, and generations of middle and upper middle and higher socio-economic class individuals, millions from the East, like Japan, China, India devoured up the idea of unfettered capitalism and liberalism expressed in the form of individual rights and the freedom to do what they want, when they want. 

Of course, reality has been far from the actual discourse. Especially the current state of the west now. Most Asian countries still tend to follow a system of socialism laced with capitalism, where the governments plays a huge role in ‘directing’ or ‘guiding’ the wishes, choices and aspirations of its peoples, especially the ones still dependent on their governments for education and healthcare to name a few. If we were to look at India, a very narrow class of individuals can be said to actually have the freedom to do what they want, when they want, that too with some restrictions on choosing their partner, food choices, dressing sense etc. in many cases.

Coming to cannabis specifically, the United States led a decades old ‘war on drugs’ lapped by by Asian countries like India and the South-east Asian corridors, not to mention, to some extent even China where even though cannabis has a huge significance in Chinese Traditional Medicine (like India has its own Ayurveda, an ancient system of using plants as medicine, today reinventing itself), the focus has been more or less on non-recreational uses of cannabis like protein powder (by crushing the seeds) or cosmetics or fibre for clothes and industrial applications. 

We predict that if the new US Federal Government, who take office on January 20th, 2021, were to legalize recreational cannabis at the federal level (only States have recreational or medical cannabis programs, but at the federal level – like India’s central government as an analogy – cannabis remains illegal, after the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act – yes they got the spelling wrong too) before 2024, it would result in a ‘domino effect’, spurring a renewed acceptance of cannabis at the highest decision-making levels of the people commanding international rules and regulations, like the United Nations, in turn reaching Central Governments all over the world. 

Let’s keep blazing till then and wait. 

For the Unprivileged, the Ignored, the Spat at

Ignored by their religious elites, their social elites, their economic elites, deprived of education or healthcare facilities, being made to accept decrepit living conditions, conditions enough to make the elites puke all over themselves in a minute or less, the lives and times of the unprivileged are often spat at, like a ‘useless’ class ‘destined’ or ‘deserving’ of their stations in life. 

The glories, the riches to rags (or the rags to riches), the positivity, the motivation, the ‘new’ economy’, the ‘new’ world, the ‘new’ everything seemingly make for a lot of fancy headlines and elitist language strewn forth, yet they make no mention of the angsts, the abject, pathetic state of the disempowered, the ignored, the luckless existence of the individuals bereft of basic living conditions.

This goes against the very ethos of capitalism and liberalism, which assumes by default that everyone is rational, and has access to the same type of scientific and economic education and healthcare. Only in the mind (since there’s no biological difference between people, only societal and system imposed differences) of a human being, exists abject inequality, racism and discrimination for another human being and therefore this means that the ideals of liberalism and capitalism will never be realized in fruition, as envisioned by the founding fathers and mothers of the modern world. This is compounded in a country like India, where social inequalities are a norm and are often brushed aside as if they don’t exist. As if ignoring them will make them disappear, and the oldies in power appear to be ok with all of it. 

The individuals fighting for the ignored and the unprivileged find themselves, across the world being silenced, and sometimes killed, just because they stood up and raised their voices for the truth. Just because they were not afraid and refused to needlessly obey the wants of human beings intent to keep the unprivileged, as unprivileged. Just because they caused discomfort to the opinions and mindsets of some people. Just because they…existed. 

We’re blazing and rooting for the unafraid, the outspoken and the rebels who speak up. 

An Ode to Self-Worth

On one of the trippier conversations that we’ve spent our times in, time and again, the matters of discussion ‘in the circle’ diverted towards the ‘worth’ of an individual, as if such a thing could be defined and understood, for if our trippier selves did, it could help everyone to ‘increase’ their worth, so to speak. Isn’t that something every individual cares during their lives, the craving for ‘respect’ or ‘acknowledgement’ or any other word of a suitable nature? For the ones mature enough to have detached their ‘societal worth’ from their ‘personal worth’, things are better surely, for their sense of worth comes not from the approval or disapproval over certain ‘things’ that others value or not, their sense of worth emerges from something greater. We do not have a word for this. 

But is it even worth thinking about? 

So, exactly what is ‘worth’? In our experience so far, most of the individuals have already ascribed their ‘worth’ (we still haven’t defined it) to their professional skills (which can be technical or managerial) or social skills (the ability to command the attention of many people who take the person seriously enough to shape the direction of the social group – group made for whatever reasons, political or cultural or professional) or both.

If we were to be bluntly rational – rationality that capitalism defines its citizens to have, by birthworth should also be seen in terms of the diffusing of economic might and political power. For, capitalism also needs the ‘power of the people’ to bestow their vote on a person who can represent them in the halls of national decision-making. If one were to gauge the mindsets of these ‘representatives of the people’ (who play around with ‘public money’ to hand them over to people close to their hearts or back to the same public with value added, like getting a railway bridge built by a public company or a private company) and the mindsets of the people who dream up ways to make money from the same public, it would be prudent to reason that the people who dream up ways to make money from the public (the private companies) would always be open to equality and expand the access of civilizational comfort to the unprivileged, the spat on, because it would be beneficial for the companies’ future in terms of the revenue they can possible make. 

Let’s keep blazing ahead. Have a great day 🙂    

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