The Cannabis Bias, Psychedelics and UFC


Welcome to the 17th edition of Boomtown. If you’re reading this for the first time, welcome to Boomtown. We’re tripping as usual and it’s another day, a Wednesday no less; another day to blaze ourselves to splits. All around us we can see individuals planning for a future that’s going to be their best ever. Their positivity is highly appreciated because some of it ought to rub off on us; we desperately need it because the past month leading up to new year’s up till now has been a no-starter; we achieved nothing personally or professionally. As always, we want to resume the fight against the peddlers of bad logic, the mediocre, hate and negativity.

Let’s start blazing again.

The Uninformed, Casual Cannabis bias

Many people have been dropping in points of feedback whereby it is quite clear that they underestimate the practical significance of cannabis for the nation and the wider world. Their tones reek of indifference and misdirection. This is not saying that they’re trolls whose value lies in pulling people down; but rather this highlights a bigger point: the fact that logic and objectivity can only go so far in changing minds. It is much easier to find excuses or criticize rather than making the effort to improve and be different from the rest of the crowd. We completely understand. It is how a majority of the people will be; especially with regards to Cannabis. Therefore, this is the right time to set the record straight about Cannabis from our perspective.

For us cannabis is one of the plants that have the potential to do a lot of good for humanity from an economic and spiritual point of view. That is because of the plant’s usefulness.

There are millions of plant species in our world; most of them primarily useful for a maximum of two uses out of a total possible three key uses for all plant species: food, medicine and clothing. However, cannabis is one of the only plants that can be used for all three; and if that were not enough, the plant is also abundant all over the world. Therefore, its useful and available at scale. It just needs to be used properly. Now, how can we use it properly if the peddlers of bad logic continue to misinform and use their ill-informed emotions instead of their brains? Therefore to summarize, for us, Cannabis ought to be looked at as one of the commodities of the future for its medicinal, industrial and recreational uses. The biggest plus point is that finally, science and rational economics validate the plant; something that was lost because of bad government policy decisions that played across the world in the 20th century, that too at the highest decision making body of the world: the United Nations.

The plant will disrupt many markets. Medicines? Yes. Foods? Yes. Beverages? Yes. Textiles? Yes. Building material? Yes. Paper? Yes. Packaging? Yes. The question is about time, not the legitimacy of the plant that the peddlers of bad logic continue to question and ignore for reasons best known to them. But we can understand. The plant upsets the status quo like no other commodity; especially at a time when there are already so many shifts underway in politics and economics. Of course, there will be problems.

Let’s keep blazing.

Psychedelics for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

In previous newsletters we had highlighted the potential of psychedelic plants led by cannabis and magic mushrooms to treat chronic conditions like post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), acute depression, anxiety disorders and other brain injuries. The medicines currently available in the market do not work sufficiently well and therefore we need to look for other ways to solve these health problems; especially since they impact millions all over the world. Here’s where psychedelic plants can play a huge role and the UFC is right in paying attention to psychedelic research for the well-being of its fighters.

“Johns Hopkins is the nation’s leader in research on the therapeutic effects of psychedelics such as psilocybin (mushrooms) and LSD. The Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic & Consciousness Research gained regulatory approval from the U.S. government in 2000 and has produced more than 60 pieces of peer-reviewed research. “Our research has demonstrated therapeutic effects in people who suffer a range of challenging conditions including addiction (smoking, alcohol, other drugs of abuse), existential distress caused by life-threatening disease, and treatment-resistant depression,” states the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic & Consciousness Research website.” – ESPN.

If the UFC is ready to pour money into psychedelics research, then expect other sports bodies to follow suit; especially when psychedelics actually helps the athletes to overcome injuries related to the brain owing to physical or mental harm. Also, interested individuals wishing to pursue or build a career in the psychedelics arena, please apply to John Hopkins University. No other university comes close with regards to psychedelics. With regards to India, we’re just about starting out towards accepting medicinal cannabis. Therefor it is prudent to reason that it will take time for India’s regulatory officials to wrap their heads around all the research and development that abound in the world for psychedelics.

Let’s keep blazing.

To Think or Not to Think

The distractions are many and it seems difficult to focus on one thing for long stretches of time. For instance, this particular post has been in the making for more than a month, yet the actual work took us hardly an hour or so. Once we’re ‘in the zone’, we loose all sense of time as we’re completely absorbed in the task at hand. And its a great feeling to be honest. We like to write about things that need to be clear and objective; with a sense that it is better to talk about things as they are; rather than what we want; a very subtle difference if one thinks about it. The default way of sitting back and consuming passively is past. Its better to stay active and think.

This time, we’ll not stop blazing and keep going.

Have a great day 🙂

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