Escape And Trip on Your Own Originality

Be aware of the mediocrity all around you, because quite frankly we tend to absorb the realities of others by default rather than trip and arrive at our own judgements via our own independent effort of thought. It is prudent to reason that many things in the world of ours today makes us feel uncomfortable, disgusted, pathetic, immoral and other adjectives of a negative nature. It is easy to trip on the negatives far more than the positives because the negatives seem so dominating and seductive at times, especially violence, evil, unwanted aggressiveness, lies, slander and character assassination.

Quite often, one tends to harp about phrases like “fuck the world” or “fuck everything” or “fuck everyone” or other statements of a rebellious yet whimsical nature that showcases one of three things – frustration with the current status of one’s life in terms of socio-economic standing or a feeling of intellectual potential unexpressed or being cowed in by distractions and a lack of focus towards doing certain things that would serve to uplift one both personally and professionally. As far as I am concerned, I have usually struggled with all three, at different phases of my life. Currently, I am struggling with reason three, but I am trying my best to focus on the things that I know will help me realize my inherent potential. Like reading more books and exercising consistently.

The mind is a constantly flickering creature. Its our best friend and our worst enemy at the same time.

Being an original person entails thinking with one’s own effort. It is uncomfortable for many. But once the discomfort barrier has been passed, original thoughts of a unique nature will start streaming forth like an unbridled fountain. Let us not suppress our innermost urges and learn to accept ourselves for who we really are. Once we know who we really are and are aware of it, we can make subtle changes wherever required and not let our worst impulses take over our mind and make us do things that we regret later. There are only problems all around and it is futile to run away from them because men and women will never be bereft of problems. Our problems can only get better with time. However, the problems themselves will not go away. They just upgrade into better problems.

Let us accept all our negative emotions. Lust, anger, violent urges, evil thoughts of mutilation, murder, gore, dismemberment and so on. It is uncomfortable for many to even tolerate bearing such thoughts in their minds, yet everyone has them from time to time. Some get them strongly, while other not so strongly. Let them come, let us learn to observe them and watch them fade away over time as their strengths are reduced due to us not reacting to such thoughts and emotions. Impure thoughts are themselves not wrong, but acting along such thoughts is very much so and therefore we must learn who we really are and forgive ourselves for the evil, impure things we have done in our lifetime so far. It is the only way to help our mind regain its originality in its truest form.

Far too often, the discourse around me is based on the fact that everyone is after the same thing: money and having more of it; without seeking to understand the forces that creates money, distributes it, the forces that hold it and the forces that deploy it or do not. It really is that simple, yet it is not so much; and this contradiction lies at the heart of so much socio-economic misery and aspirations that never get fulfilled at all. Genuine talent, creativity and hard work lies waste and is let to rot, all because one is simply not able to fathom the forces at play in the world of ours today. And in such an age of transition where everyone is seeking information they want to hear rather than what is true, the quest to make progress seems all the more difficult.

What is to be done then?

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