Cannabis Infused Smokes Licensed in India for Medicinal Use

We’ve often remarked how cannabis lies at the intersection of multiple worlds – medicinal (oils, tinctures, capsules or smokable form provided the plant has been harvested properly), foods (edible oil, protein powder, flour etc.), beverages (infused with milk like Bhang or other types of infusions) and other practical applications (clothes, paper etc.). Since medicinal use is probably the biggest application of cannabis, let’s dwell a bit on that.

Today, courtesy of a friend we know, we came across the first instance of an enterprising brand called Turiya that has managed to get a license from the AYUSH ministry to allow patients get access to ‘Dhuma’ which is a term used in Ayurveda for ‘smoking’ using a blend of herbs. As per the company “As per Āyurveda, herbal smokes infused with medicinal cannabis acts rapidly through enhanced bioavailability and Dhūma have a long list of limitless healing benefits such as detoxifying lungs, relieving chest and nasal congestion besides controlling cold, cough, allergic rhinitis, dyspnea, asthma, hiccups, excessive salivation, tonsillitis, ear ache, eye pain, nasal ailments, heaviness of head, hypersomnia (excess sleep), sneezing, etc… that can be treated with Dhūma. There are also indications of firmness of teeth, impregnability to bones of cranium and cleansing of mouth by eliminating bad odour. Removal of fatigue, laziness, brain fog and psychic disturbances by increasing the energy levels are also plausible.”

Picture copy pasted from the company website

Turiya uses a blend of five herbs:

“Vijayā (Cannabis sativa), Leaf (Bhāng) – 1 part,
Kālā dhatūra (Datura metel), Leaf – 1.5 part,
Pārasīka yavānī (Hyoscyamus niger), Leaf – 1 part,
Cavya (Piper retrofractum), Stem – 1 part,
Vāsā (Adhatoda vasica), Leaf – 2 part”

We really, really strongly encourage everyone to do some basic research about the fundamentals behind medical cannabis before thinking this is for recreational use. This is NOT for recreational use. Recreational users, stay away. This is NOT for YOU.

We have a note for India’s recreational users of cannabis: please, please read up about medicinal cannabis before taking a blind turn and putting this innovative company in a spot. Of course, while the company will only supply the rolls to legitimate patients via doctors, it is prudent to reason that things gets hyped up for no reason, without valid research or even common sense. Medicinal cannabis is not peudo-science. It is based on the human biological system called the endo-cannabinoid system – a system that hasn’t even reached India’s medical textbooks. Ayurveda doctors studied about cannabis in their syllabus. Cannabis is probably the missing ingredient that will bring out the magic of Ayurveda in full form, something India lacked for the last 25 odd years, Its time has finally come, by fusing modern manufacturing processes with ancient medical science.

India’s ancient, classical texts contains 200 odd formulations that use cannabis and various forms of administering them and companies are modernising those formulas and making them relevant for the modern age.

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