The Queen And The Terrace

She walked in, he froze up. Reflexively. It felt cute in a way that he couldn't speak. He left to have a cigarette till his knees got weak. Escape was just a nod and a casual wave, towards no one in particular, but an omnipresent being that seemed to corner him whenever she came around. … Continue reading The Queen And The Terrace

A Casual Interview With One Of Bangalore’s High Profile Marijuana Dealers – Part 2

Disclaimer: The following excerpts are from an interaction with Mr. Tashi Sharma (name changed on request), a resident of Bangalore from the past nine years. This post does not promote the use of recreational marijuana in any way. The aim of the post is as always, to educate and inform. The first part can be … Continue reading A Casual Interview With One Of Bangalore’s High Profile Marijuana Dealers – Part 2

She Stopped His World

When she appeared, his world stopped. Like a plume of radiance enveloping him from time to time, he imagined her face, in all her glory, as if the goddess had chosen him to reveal her human form to. He was fortunate. Of that he was sure. For how else, had he mustered up the courage … Continue reading She Stopped His World

The Quintessential Modern Life

"She's got a smile that it seems to me, reminds me of childhood memories, when everything was as great as the bright blue sky" "Really?" "Yes" "Awesome. So have you told her?" "That she's got a smile that reminds me of the bright blue sky? Not directly. I wrote a letter a few months back. … Continue reading The Quintessential Modern Life

How Urban Marijuana Users Can’t Help But Consume

The last time he had consumed marijuana, he had continued to do so for the next ten days, forsaking work, settled as he was, sprawled across a comfortable couch, reading books and blogs, writing long letters to his beloved, in front of a smart television, that served as a twin interface for traditional television channels … Continue reading How Urban Marijuana Users Can’t Help But Consume

Why You Should Give A Fair Trial To Vipassana Meditation

Sins was twenty-four years old and looked so. He had never heard about meditation one month before June, 2019. In the sense, he had been under the impression that rites, rituals, chanting, deities, human or imaginary, spiritual experiences and meditation were all tools, methods and techniques to calm the human mind through belief and sustained … Continue reading Why You Should Give A Fair Trial To Vipassana Meditation

The Impending Storm of November.

He had had a calamitous September. Not that it mattered. In fact, he welcomed the uncertainty and chaos that seemed intent to take him, wring him in an invisible, gigantic hand, and spew him back towards a world hell bent on making things as difficult as possible for him, simply because, they were difficult things … Continue reading The Impending Storm of November.

Do You Know What’s Worth Fighting For?

He covered her with two blankets, whispered a few words about their intertwined destinies in her ears and gently kissed her on the forehead, fighting back the urge to lie down with her on his arms. It wasn't fully dawn yet, he could just about make out the tinge of the first few rays, which … Continue reading Do You Know What’s Worth Fighting For?

Turn Your Stress Into Smoke.

She had been asleep when the accident happened. When she regained consciousness after a few short minutes, she felt as if there was something, a physical object with sharp edges, inside her lower back. Fighting back tears, while imagining herself impaled on pieces of glass, she moved a little, and to her relief, she felt … Continue reading Turn Your Stress Into Smoke.

How Much Can You Hate? Think.

For him, hate was something to be abhorred, something to be hated. It didn't matter who it was, or what it was. Hate was destructive and of no use whatsoever, even if it was being harnessed in order to accomplish something productive, because something built on hate could never leave a legacy behind. With time, … Continue reading How Much Can You Hate? Think.