Where Should You Buy Good Ganja From Bangalore

Disclaimer: This post does not promote the use of marijuana (cannabis/weed/stuff/ganja) for recreational use in any way whatsoever. The post intends to inform and advocate responsible usage since excess consumption of any substance is detrimental to the user's health. Especially when the market in question for recreational cannabis is unregulated, and therefore sellers may resort … Continue reading Where Should You Buy Good Ganja From Bangalore

The Personal God

Sins reached the city of Mysuru in Karnataka state at the crack of dawn, tagging along with a friend who was driving an old, withered bike, which threatened and looked to fall apart any moment. They had borrowed the bike from a second-hand dealer, promising the man that his share in the consignment would be … Continue reading The Personal God

Enroute Holy Malur

Sins had heard a lot about the town of Malur in the state of Karnataka. To proceed along on these line of thoughts, one of the first things he had checked and mapped out was his newly rented bike's mileage. It came out as a solid 37 kilometers per one litre of petrol, which currently … Continue reading Enroute Holy Malur