Payments, China and Mining

Boomtown Hi! Welcome to the 1st edition of Boomtown, our newsletter written and published every week on Friday at exactly 4:20 p.m. A Boomtown is, as per mainstream definition a place where rapid economic progress often clashes with existing socio-politico structures to lay down the foundation of a new way of living, working and earning. … Continue reading Payments, China and Mining

Wars, Flashing Teeth, Chaos and Solace

There was a time, when Sins would have given anything, including his decrepit looking, sentimental value possessing black shirts to anyone who so ever desired it, if only, if only he were given a sense of hope, a calm, rational, guiding voice, so to speak in his life. Maybe, it was already there, maybe it … Continue reading Wars, Flashing Teeth, Chaos and Solace

There Are No Fucking Answers

It didn't matter what others thought about him. He knew and understood this fact. But somehow, deep down, he felt it did matter and this matter, though it ought to be swatted away like an irksome, ugly fly, bothered him to some extent. After all, how could he get rid of the deep, deep evolutionary … Continue reading There Are No Fucking Answers

The Fucking Pointlessness of it All

As far as he could say, there was no fucking point in doing anything at all. Hoping for self-righteous fucks to chide him with claims of the 'divinity', 'sacredness' and 'purity' of life, he thought his life so far had definitely been worth living for, seeing as he had been lucky in experiencing pleasure that … Continue reading The Fucking Pointlessness of it All

Among All, Cannabis Stands Tall

The man closed his eyes, wishing never to open them again. He felt as if small knives, with their small pointy ends, were having a go at him, somewhere near his chest region. He refused to cry, and the tears obliged accordingly, retreating back inside as if chided for making an uncalled-for appearance. He was … Continue reading Among All, Cannabis Stands Tall

Complex Systems and Complex People

The sense of calm enveloped him like a crooning lover. It felt like..being balanced, homeostasis. He had finally reached equilibrium, the mode of being where focus, attention and being in a state of flow was all that mattered. Bedeviled by distractions on all sides, he felt as if his sense of attention had become blunt, … Continue reading Complex Systems and Complex People

The Heart is Racing, It Keeps on Repeating

Three hearty swigs of freshly brewed beer later, Mr. Well reckoned that another couple of hearty swigs of beer were in order. He didn't drink often, preferring to let his body recover for days and weeks at a time before the next swig of beers. Mr. Well liked mind-altering substances and his preferred choices were … Continue reading The Heart is Racing, It Keeps on Repeating

Baby, I’m Addicted, I’m Out of Control

He had finally lost control. The thoughts had refused to go away. It had begun a few minutes after he had woken up. His sleep was much better than last night. He had dreamt, finally. After a long, long time. Maybe a few months. He couldn't understand what the trigger had been. Or maybe there … Continue reading Baby, I’m Addicted, I’m Out of Control

Everything is Fucked, Everybody Sucks

Mr. Well woke up in a slight daze. For the past month or so, he hadn't been able to wake up with the usual spring in his step. A feeling of heaviness remained in his head well after an hour of waking up, the result being that he only felt completely awake, after a full … Continue reading Everything is Fucked, Everybody Sucks

The Death of Mr. Sins

For a long, long time, Mr. Sins stared, at nothing in particular. He had begun the year in spectacular fashion. For a full two months he had continued, day after day, visualizing the time when he would be frolicking along a quaint coastal bed, hand in hand with the partner of his dreams. Three days … Continue reading The Death of Mr. Sins

The Joys of Mind Control

He woke up with a start. He was much earlier than usual. He didn't know why. On a normal day he would wake up at eight or nine. It was five a.m today. He felt as if his internal system was trying to beckon him towards something, which he seemingly had to find out, as … Continue reading The Joys of Mind Control

The Life Of Hearts

One cold, gloomy, overcast morning, over a cup of freshly brewed coffee, an Ethiopian blend which he had procured from an import house, Sins could suddenly, crystal clearly remember the entirety of the life he had led for the past four years. He could see every individual he had met and every circumstance from the … Continue reading The Life Of Hearts

How Everyone Changes And A Possible Solution For Criminals on the Death Row

There were many things that he adored. Adored with all his heart. Out of all the things, he adored her the most After all, the much-professed viewpoint that each and every human being had been born with a divinely ordained purpose was a viewpoint that strived its best to sit with him in times of … Continue reading How Everyone Changes And A Possible Solution For Criminals on the Death Row

Make Way For The Eternal Optimist

He would often realize the error of his ways whenever he closed his eyes to account his monetary transactions into his Evernote. The Best Morning of his Life Emerging from the haze of incidents that had swept past him in the past couple of days after a few minutes of replaying his life in front … Continue reading Make Way For The Eternal Optimist

When You Think You’re Weird, You’re Not Alone. You’re Together.

The wanton feelings of lust couldn't leave him, it wasn't possible, not just for him, but for all of humanity, the inexplicable connection with animals exemplified so, its complexity arising out of the modern cornucopia and intermingling of all the five senses, rising in part due to the multiple connections now possible, both offline in … Continue reading When You Think You’re Weird, You’re Not Alone. You’re Together.

Do You Know What To Do?

"I love, love the way that you talk, it feels like Adele, singing to me" He mumbled the lyrics for a few minutes and let the tune play inside his head indefinitely, leaving the task of regulating the lyrics, going forwards to his sub-conscious mind, while he tried his best to shift his focus towards … Continue reading Do You Know What To Do?

Change The Way You Think, Else Risk Uselessness and Regret

He took the longest drag he had ever taken in his life, held it inside his lungs for a full fifteen seconds and exhaled. Around ten percent of the original smoke appeared, the rest had been absorbed, by now assimilated in his bloodstream, beginning the familiar slow yet gradual movement of chemicals in his brain. … Continue reading Change The Way You Think, Else Risk Uselessness and Regret

The Anxiety Ridden Path Of Sins

Something just didn't feel right, or was it just his brain chemicals acting fuzzy? He could smell the weird vibes in the air around him, the air that he was breathing, as if something that shouldn't have been, was being. He didn't like this feeling one bit, not one bit, because it made him feel … Continue reading The Anxiety Ridden Path Of Sins

The Sad Myths of Humanity

He didn't have a soul, neither dd anyone, for that matter. Everyone was soulless, and a majority falsely believed that there existed a sacred entity within each and every human being that was indestructible and as pure as fresh cow milk. He himself had believed it, till a few years ago, for lack of initiative … Continue reading The Sad Myths of Humanity

Dating Is A Technical Problem.

Helplessness was an understatement for the current predicament he found himself in. He also felt powerless, useless and reckless. The past forty eight hours had been a blur, with waves of objects, humans and trees intermingling with each other like couples, going in and out of his eye's frame of reference, refusing to let his … Continue reading Dating Is A Technical Problem.

The Sins of Addiction

His viewpoint was simple, straight forward and honest. According to him, they were. According to him, only him. On the day that had begun with him imagining he was just a sentient being simulating his consciousness in the fast and exciting world of the twenty first century, while experiencing it for real in the twenty … Continue reading The Sins of Addiction

The Sins Of Reality

He felt the familiar cold streaks of lightning, like small jolts of cold blooded electricity that morphed into stabs of emptiness around the region of his chest, like sharpened blades that sliced away at his arteries from time to time. He wasn't a fan of this feeling, but it had become a benign habit, so … Continue reading The Sins Of Reality

The Sins Of The Global Order

He didn't know what to believe in any more, neither did he understand why was he living any more, torn as he was asunder by multiple ups and downs that seemed to plague his existence day after day. He wanted to live, there was no doubt about it, because bodily sensations experienced through the pleasures … Continue reading The Sins Of The Global Order

The Sins Of Consciousness

The need to belong and conform clawed at him in disguises, tied as he was genetically to the wanderings of his hunter gatherer ancestors whose chances of survival increased exponentially when they travelled or lived together in groups, lest they were killed by animals or other wandering bands of humans. However, he didn't need to … Continue reading The Sins Of Consciousness

Mind And Matter – The Unresponsiveness.

He imagined her smile in his mind's eye and smiled. She wasn't responding to any of his text messages. Presuming, she was busy, he tried his best to let it go, but couldn't. He just couldn't, which seemed very immature on his part, considering he had other friends to chat to, people whom he knew … Continue reading Mind And Matter – The Unresponsiveness.