The Mind Is The Master. Control Your Mind, Control Your Life. Thank You.

Sins walked out of the washroom feeling the lightest he had felt in years. He swigged a couple of gulps of warm beer and opened his laptop to begin working on a presentation that was long overdue. Finishing the beer, he decided not to go for a refill, but then, remembered he was out of … Continue reading The Mind Is The Master. Control Your Mind, Control Your Life. Thank You.

The Sound of Sirens

Sins was taking a gigantic shit at six in the morning when the light in his bathroom went out. Left with nothing but the sound of his breathing and his butt spewing torrents of shit towards the splashing water beneath, he recalled how last night had been a disaster waiting to happen. He had started … Continue reading The Sound of Sirens


Sins grabbed hold of his soft, fluffy white pillow and grasping it firmly, tore it into half, proceeding to beat the non-living object to pulp, sprouting cotton feathers all over the place. Now, even more enraged at the ensuing mess, Sins screamed with all his might, his gaze moving upwards. "Get out of my head! … Continue reading Will

Cannabis along the Sea

The giant screen tilted towards the oncoming crowd from the east end of the city. The crowd, a mass of humanity, most of them early risers on their way for a fast start at office, would meet the newly constructed bridge connected to the west end. The giant screen lay exactly at the centre of … Continue reading Cannabis along the Sea

The Holy Lifeline

Malcolm staggered into his room in a daze. He hadn't slept in 23 hours. He hadn't felt like it. So engrossing was the video content he had found online, that he wished he were a machine, with the ability to process information through electric supply. His eyes were hurting, due to the 23 hour binge. … Continue reading The Holy Lifeline

Octopus Football Club

A sorry state of affairs loomed on the horizon for Octopus Football Club, as the referee whistled for half time. Sins stood on the touchline watching the kids, all aged between 11 and 12, morosely trudge back to listen to him, their manager and coach for the past 2 months. Octopus Football Club had been … Continue reading Octopus Football Club


At the crack of dawn, a man was allegedly seen walking on the railway tracks in a drunken stupor, mumbling words to himself. The witnesses, two early morning joggers, swore they had seen the man begin running towards an incoming train, fully intending a head-on collision. This statement was the one which perplexed the cops. … Continue reading Adrenaline