The Life Of Hearts

One cold, gloomy, overcast morning, over a cup of freshly brewed coffee, an Ethiopian blend which he had procured from an import house, Sins could suddenly, crystal clearly remember the entirety of the life he had led for the past four years. He could see every individual he had met and every circumstance from the … Continue reading The Life Of Hearts

Your Problems Will Not End. Make Them Better.

She was sitting right opposite to him in another room and the walls were transparent. He pretended to work, clicking random icons on his screen, unlocking his smartphone from time to time, every few seconds, in a bid to look busy in case she was looking at him. He wondered what was up with him, … Continue reading Your Problems Will Not End. Make Them Better.

The Algorithm of Life, The Data Religion

His dashboard was ready, its intricately drawn lines showing the connectedness between multiple aspects, straight and curved, equally spread around a few choice words like learning, finance and fitness, floating across other choice words like work and relationships, across every direction. The dashboard wasn't really a board or an interface displayed on an electronic device. … Continue reading The Algorithm of Life, The Data Religion

The Sins of the Mind

It didn't occur to him that it was action that inspired motivation and not the other way around, his plane of thought struggling to fight against itself in a bid to overcome lengthy periods of procrastination, compounded even worse by holding the very thoughts about not procrastinating. It was a battle he fought everyday, winning … Continue reading The Sins of the Mind

The Sad Myths of Humanity

He didn't have a soul, neither dd anyone, for that matter. Everyone was soulless, and a majority falsely believed that there existed a sacred entity within each and every human being that was indestructible and as pure as fresh cow milk. He himself had believed it, till a few years ago, for lack of initiative … Continue reading The Sad Myths of Humanity

The Sins Of Reality

He felt the familiar cold streaks of lightning, like small jolts of cold blooded electricity that morphed into stabs of emptiness around the region of his chest, like sharpened blades that sliced away at his arteries from time to time. He wasn't a fan of this feeling, but it had become a benign habit, so … Continue reading The Sins Of Reality

The Sins Of Consciousness

The need to belong and conform clawed at him in disguises, tied as he was genetically to the wanderings of his hunter gatherer ancestors whose chances of survival increased exponentially when they travelled or lived together in groups, lest they were killed by animals or other wandering bands of humans. However, he didn't need to … Continue reading The Sins Of Consciousness

Emotions are Biochemical Algorithms, His Code had malfunctioned during Testing.

She stared at him in a weird way, as if never having seen him in such light before. Her eyes went wide, like a shaft of light that illuminated an eye, with the intent to shock, scream even. He stared back at her, his eyes as glazed as they had been in days, oozing its … Continue reading Emotions are Biochemical Algorithms, His Code had malfunctioned during Testing.