Wars, Flashing Teeth, Chaos and Solace

There was a time, when Sins would have given anything, including his decrepit looking, sentimental value possessing black shirts to anyone who so ever desired it, if only, if only he were given a sense of hope, a calm, rational, guiding voice, so to speak in his life. Maybe, it was already there, maybe it … Continue reading Wars, Flashing Teeth, Chaos and Solace

I’ll Love You Long After You’re Gone

Note: this post is not a sad love letter, although the title sounds like one. Its a lyrical line from Philips Philips' popular song, 'Gone Gone Gone'. Every single time I listen to it, it reminds me of Starr, whom I adore. Unfortunately, we cannot be together due to factors beyond our control. All I … Continue reading I’ll Love You Long After You’re Gone

Life Is Not Beautiful

When push comes to shove, it is prudent to admit that life is not beautiful, sometimes. So common is the adage which broadcasts a spectacular image of life's beautiful things, deliberately picked and chosen from among life's much greater than usual moments of ugly, distressing and downright sickening, revolting moments. While the reason to do … Continue reading Life Is Not Beautiful

When Life Throws A Special Person At You Unexpectedly

He closed his eyes and waited for Starr to arrive before it hit him: he had reached the place one day too early. Cursing his memory for once, he decided to stay and have his dinner, mentally making a note to drop her a message and remind her about tomorrow. It wasn't as if he … Continue reading When Life Throws A Special Person At You Unexpectedly

The Queen And The Terrace

She walked in, he froze up. Reflexively. It felt cute in a way that he couldn't speak. He left to have a cigarette till his knees got weak. Escape was just a nod and a casual wave, towards no one in particular, but an omnipresent being that seemed to corner him whenever she came around. … Continue reading The Queen And The Terrace

The Force of Marijuana and Love

"I am the best! And I'll take out the best!", screamed Sins at the top of his voice to no one in particular from the terrace, and then lit a cigarette. A few minutes later he began staring at the terrace opposite, hoping for his neighbor to arrive. They had winked at each other the … Continue reading The Force of Marijuana and Love