The Hunter Slayer In Us Will Never Die

As the clock's second hand inched closer and closer to twelve, the moment he had been waiting for, finally arrived. It was time to subject his body to physical stimulation of the sort, a few million in the world of seven billion would think of executing, on a daily basis. He was one among them. … Continue reading The Hunter Slayer In Us Will Never Die

The Achiever Habit

Sins had formed a new habit, whereby as soon as he woke up, he undressed, and stand under the icy cold shower for a duration of exactly two minutes, feeling the numb pulsating waves of sleep disappearing from his mind, and the day ahead getting brighter in focus. A 750 ml gulp of water in … Continue reading The Achiever Habit


Malcolm began the day at seven in the morning, and had been about to head to his gymnasium when he realised it was a Sunday, and no matter as much as he adored his gymnasium because of the feel good vibes and the crowd which came there, he had to admit that he hated its … Continue reading Disappointments