Your Problems Will Not End. Make Them Better.

She was sitting right opposite to him in another room and the walls were transparent. He pretended to work, clicking random icons on his screen, unlocking his smartphone from time to time, every few seconds, in a bid to look busy in case she was looking at him. He wondered what was up with him, … Continue reading Your Problems Will Not End. Make Them Better.

What Do You Believe In?

They looked at each other and waved, their brief interaction lasting for exactly two seconds, while his mind went on to dwell upon the brief memory for another twenty, punctuated in between by flashes of images which resembled her face plastered on walls and other shapes like buildings and alleyways. He felt so drowsy that … Continue reading What Do You Believe In?

Do You Know What To Do?

"I love, love the way that you talk, it feels like Adele, singing to me" He mumbled the lyrics for a few minutes and let the tune play inside his head indefinitely, leaving the task of regulating the lyrics, going forwards to his sub-conscious mind, while he tried his best to shift his focus towards … Continue reading Do You Know What To Do?

Make The World Yours In spite Of The Urge To Give Up and Let Go

Like an electron, he charged towards her, before realizing he was day dreaming at his desk. He had been reading a foreign policy book about the rise of Asia and how its soon to be more than five billion people would go on to reclaim their position as the world's leading geo-political region, a position … Continue reading Make The World Yours In spite Of The Urge To Give Up and Let Go

The Anxiety Ridden Path Of Sins

Something just didn't feel right, or was it just his brain chemicals acting fuzzy? He could smell the weird vibes in the air around him, the air that he was breathing, as if something that shouldn't have been, was being. He didn't like this feeling one bit, not one bit, because it made him feel … Continue reading The Anxiety Ridden Path Of Sins

The Sins Of Reality

He felt the familiar cold streaks of lightning, like small jolts of cold blooded electricity that morphed into stabs of emptiness around the region of his chest, like sharpened blades that sliced away at his arteries from time to time. He wasn't a fan of this feeling, but it had become a benign habit, so … Continue reading The Sins Of Reality