The Joys of Mind Control

He woke up with a start. He was much earlier than usual. He didn't know why. On a normal day he would wake up at eight or nine. It was five a.m today. He felt as if his internal system was trying to beckon him towards something, which he seemingly had to find out, as … Continue reading The Joys of Mind Control

When Should You Diagnose Yourself With Marijuana Addiction?

Note: This post does not promote the use of recreational marijuana in any way whatsoever. The aim of this post is as always, to educate and inform. You must have started consuming marijuana for many reasons. Maybe you left home to attend college in another city and the new found independence made you experiment with … Continue reading When Should You Diagnose Yourself With Marijuana Addiction?

The Age of Flesh

Starr woke up on a bright Sunday afternoon and promptly went back to sleep again. Beside her, Sins lay with his back slightly arched, working away on his laptop diligently, intently scouring for new brands and companies to pitch his business to. Sins loved prospecting like this, firmly lost inside the crevices of his mind, … Continue reading The Age of Flesh