All This Time? Always, He Knew. He Always Knew.

Deep, deep inside, he knew. Truly, sincerely, he knew, that if he didn't push himself, and put himself out there in the line of fire, he wouldn't survive, and his dependency on the so-called performance enhancing substances, far from relieving him of the burden he had envisioned himself to be under, had turned him over … Continue reading All This Time? Always, He Knew. He Always Knew.

The Rant of A Gentleman

Words couldn't describe Malcolm's state of mind. It wasn't shock. It wasn't angst, or sorrow or agony or any of the usual synonyms for occasions which caused distress, but rather a mixture of hate and peculiarity mired with a weird sense of confusion. His opposite numbers, two men and a woman he had been having … Continue reading The Rant of A Gentleman