The Destiny And Life Of The Lone Wolf

Whenever she messaged or spoke, his blood would flow quicker and make his heart pump the fluid faster to his brain, producing sensations that caused him to smile and imagine things like dancing and holding hands, frolicking around beaches or mountains, or surfing together atop a giant wave on its way to wipe out entire … Continue reading The Destiny And Life Of The Lone Wolf

The Age of Flesh

Starr woke up on a bright Sunday afternoon and promptly went back to sleep again. Beside her, Sins lay with his back slightly arched, working away on his laptop diligently, intently scouring for new brands and companies to pitch his business to. Sins loved prospecting like this, firmly lost inside the crevices of his mind, … Continue reading The Age of Flesh

Outmuscled and Broken

Malcolm entered the room, his head spinning wildly. The last time he had drunk this much before was exactly seven months ago, on the occasion of his best friend's wedding. Not that he had liked to go, but only because she had asked him to come. After all, they had been extremely close, lovers even, … Continue reading Outmuscled and Broken