How To Determine The Price Of Weed In Bangalore?

Disclaimer: This post does not promote the use of recreational marijuana in any way. The aim of this post is as always to, educate and inform. The writer advocates moderation in the usage of any substances that the reader may or may be planning to use or buy. Since the recreational use of marijuana in … Continue reading How To Determine The Price Of Weed In Bangalore?

The Big Pickup

The leaves of the tree swayed gently with the breeze, and seemed to cringe a little as a waft of cigarette smoke exhaled from Sins' lips made their way into the leaves' respiratory system. Sins focussed his eyes intently on the veins of one of the leaves, hoping to catch it's expression of unwillingness to … Continue reading The Big Pickup

The Last Man Standing

Sins blew his first professional salary, a stipend for rendering his services for a period of one month, in exactly 3 days. By the seventh day, he had recouped all of it back, plus another half as 'surplus'. After repeating the same transaction for another 4 times, Sins felt like retiring and settling outside the … Continue reading The Last Man Standing


Malcolm was broke. It was his first thought of the day, the moment his mind had started functioning after a troubled night's sleep. It hadn't been the case so two days ago, when his account showed more than three fourths of his stipend left. He had blown all of it last night. And he wasn't … Continue reading Broke

Marijuana Marketing

Marketing definitions are dime a dozen. In essence, marketing simply means the application of tools or techniques to create a consumer for your product or service. This much is pretty clear to everybody, and whoever tell you otherwise is wrong. In effect, what this means is that, marketers need to target their prospects present in … Continue reading Marijuana Marketing

Unawareness helps the Elected

"I can't believe you're ready to accept what you're being told by the elected. How can you?" "The people of this country have put them in power. What do you want me to do?" "You can introspect, question and try to understand as to whom they're pandering to. The bigwigs or the suppressed? Both the … Continue reading Unawareness helps the Elected

Booming Sense

Malcolm felt depressed after reading the newspaper. Violence, evil and scams formed at least 20% of it, which was morally unacceptable according to Malcolm. How could men and women succumb to evil? "Can't men and women understand the purpose and sanctity of life?" Sins listened to him in deep thought. This was a regular conversation … Continue reading Booming Sense