Question Haters

A full three hours of restlessness and irritation enusued as Sins stood in line to register his personal details, as part of the largest identification drive program in the world. The purpose of the exercise was to lock his biometric data through his fingerprint and link it to his personal data, permanently, as claimed by … Continue reading Question Haters


Malcolm was broke. It was his first thought of the day, the moment his mind had started functioning after a troubled night's sleep. It hadn't been the case so two days ago, when his account showed more than three fourths of his stipend left. He had blown all of it last night. And he wasn't … Continue reading Broke

Goverments, Power and Blindness

"I want to tear his sorry soul into pieces and roast them alive, post which they will be fed to carnivores" "Well, technically you can only tear bodies. Souls on the other hand are present in the subconscious. They're inaccessible to your stinky hands. Plus to some of us, souls are imaginary, and do not … Continue reading Goverments, Power and Blindness