Tripping on Procrastination, Weapons and California

Gloria Indica Hi! Welcome to the 25th edition of Gloria Indica. If you’re reading this for the first time, then welcome. Time and time again the feeling is to do nothing, sit back and brazenly, passively consume things, rather than create them, a fight against one’s own mind so to speak. As always, we renew … Continue reading Tripping on Procrastination, Weapons and California

Life Is Not Beautiful

When push comes to shove, it is prudent to admit that life is not beautiful, sometimes. So common is the adage which broadcasts a spectacular image of life's beautiful things, deliberately picked and chosen from among life's much greater than usual moments of ugly, distressing and downright sickening, revolting moments. While the reason to do … Continue reading Life Is Not Beautiful

Everything is Fucked, Everybody Sucks

Mr. Well woke up in a slight daze. For the past month or so, he hadn't been able to wake up with the usual spring in his step. A feeling of heaviness remained in his head well after an hour of waking up, the result being that he only felt completely awake, after a full … Continue reading Everything is Fucked, Everybody Sucks

Do You Know What’s Worth Fighting For?

He covered her with two blankets, whispered a few words about their intertwined destinies in her ears and gently kissed her on the forehead, fighting back the urge to lie down with her on his arms. It wasn't fully dawn yet, he could just about make out the tinge of the first few rays, which … Continue reading Do You Know What’s Worth Fighting For?