Predicting the Future for Indian Cannabis, while taking a stand for Women

Boomtown Hi! Welcome to the 7th edition of Boomtown, our newsletter written and published every Friday at exactly 4:20 p.m. If you’re reading this for the first time, then welcome. As of this writing, not only are we completely blazed out of our minds, we’ve also come to the mundane realization that we’re an odd … Continue reading Predicting the Future for Indian Cannabis, while taking a stand for Women

The Quick Introduction to Modern Pot Politics

Boomtown Hi! Welcome to the 6th edition of Boomtown, our newsletter written and published every Friday at exactly 4:20 p.m. If you’re reading this for the first time, then welcome. As of this writing, not only are we completely blazed out of our minds, it also feels as if the cold coffees on our desks … Continue reading The Quick Introduction to Modern Pot Politics

Payments, China and Mining

Boomtown Hi! Welcome to the 1st edition of Boomtown, our newsletter written and published every week on Friday at exactly 4:20 p.m. A Boomtown is, as per mainstream definition a place where rapid economic progress often clashes with existing socio-politico structures to lay down the foundation of a new way of living, working and earning. … Continue reading Payments, China and Mining

What Do You Believe In?

They looked at each other and waved, their brief interaction lasting for exactly two seconds, while his mind went on to dwell upon the brief memory for another twenty, punctuated in between by flashes of images which resembled her face plastered on walls and other shapes like buildings and alleyways. He felt so drowsy that … Continue reading What Do You Believe In?

The Government In His Dreams

Sins felt sick as he introspected the political climate of his country currently, and wasn't surprised. Increasingly, day after day, month after month, and now four years past the installment of a political party of nincompoops to the highest seats of power in the country, hate, violence and misogyny, coupled with a sense of dismay … Continue reading The Government In His Dreams

The Rant of A Gentleman

Words couldn't describe Malcolm's state of mind. It wasn't shock. It wasn't angst, or sorrow or agony or any of the usual synonyms for occasions which caused distress, but rather a mixture of hate and peculiarity mired with a weird sense of confusion. His opposite numbers, two men and a woman he had been having … Continue reading The Rant of A Gentleman

The Dreams of Lord Sins

Sins hadn't seen a dream in weeks, and for some reason this fact bothered him because he believed dreams carried secret messages conveyed from his soul to his conscious, thinking self, his mind. Dreams were fascinating, they were like a puzzle, a riddle to solve, by associating images together through whatever logic possible, and most … Continue reading The Dreams of Lord Sins

Bitter Bar

"Anarchy. Disarray. This is the world today", a drunk Sins told the woman he had met at the bar an hour back. The woman stared at him in slight amusement. The conversation had taken an interesting turn a couple of minutes back, morphing into the behaviour of the society that they were a part of, … Continue reading Bitter Bar

Educated, Privileged and Elite

Sins stayed in a bungalow. It had been bought by his grandfather twenty-five years ago, and was twenty kilometres from the outskirts of the main city. Sins was brought up here. His childhood was happy and gay, as he would frolic from one part of the house to another, ending in the vacant plot of … Continue reading Educated, Privileged and Elite

Question Haters

A full three hours of restlessness and irritation enusued as Sins stood in line to register his personal details, as part of the largest identification drive program in the world. The purpose of the exercise was to lock his biometric data through his fingerprint and link it to his personal data, permanently, as claimed by … Continue reading Question Haters

Supreme Manager

When it came to cribbing about all the ills prevalent in his nation, Malcolm was the undisputed master. For him, problems existed for two reasons only - Greed and Selfishness, the quality to successfully turn a blind eye to the suffering of millions not just in his nation, but even worldwide. The fact was, the … Continue reading Supreme Manager

Evil at the Top

Malcolm Mathew was standing on the edge of a 76 storey building, staring at the skyline in front of him. His view was being obstructed by an identical 76 storey tower right in front him. Frowning, he reversed his direction, and proceeded towards the opposite side of the spacious terrace, where he sat still on … Continue reading Evil at the Top

Marijuana Marketing

Marketing definitions are dime a dozen. In essence, marketing simply means the application of tools or techniques to create a consumer for your product or service. This much is pretty clear to everybody, and whoever tell you otherwise is wrong. In effect, what this means is that, marketers need to target their prospects present in … Continue reading Marijuana Marketing

Lies and Misleading

The weather changed dramatically over the night from a pleasant type of cold, to an extremely pleasant type of cold, according to Sins. He saw the rest of the passengers in his compartment adorned and decked up in sweaters and long sleeved shirts or tops. Sins was clad in a half sleeve tee shirt and … Continue reading Lies and Misleading

Social Animals

"I'll find you and then I'll shoot you" "You haven't got a gun, nor do you have the money for it. Kindly stop bluffing and accept logic, which incidentally should be a by-product, of your undeserved privilege of being lucky to have studied at a good grad school" "What do you mean" "I need you … Continue reading Social Animals

Goverments, Power and Blindness

"I want to tear his sorry soul into pieces and roast them alive, post which they will be fed to carnivores" "Well, technically you can only tear bodies. Souls on the other hand are present in the subconscious. They're inaccessible to your stinky hands. Plus to some of us, souls are imaginary, and do not … Continue reading Goverments, Power and Blindness

Unawareness helps the Elected

"I can't believe you're ready to accept what you're being told by the elected. How can you?" "The people of this country have put them in power. What do you want me to do?" "You can introspect, question and try to understand as to whom they're pandering to. The bigwigs or the suppressed? Both the … Continue reading Unawareness helps the Elected