Complex Systems and Complex People

The sense of calm enveloped him like a crooning lover. It felt like..being balanced, homeostasis. He had finally reached equilibrium, the mode of being where focus, attention and being in a state of flow was all that mattered. Bedeviled by distractions on all sides, he felt as if his sense of attention had become blunt, … Continue reading Complex Systems and Complex People

The New Indian Manifesto

Note: The aim of this post is as always, to educate and inform. This post is intended for everyone in the world, but primarily for the Indian youth population. Youth here, defined as men, women, boys and girls from the ages of 15 to 35. BOOM! As we draw down towards the beginning of the … Continue reading The New Indian Manifesto

Someone To Hear Your Prayers? Someone Who Cares? Its You.

"I hear her voice in the morning hour, she calls me. The dawn reminds me of her presence, a few miles away. Walking down the road, I get a feeling that I should have told her yesterday, that it's her energy that I feed off, in spirit, in conversation, in times of good and bad, … Continue reading Someone To Hear Your Prayers? Someone Who Cares? Its You.

Believe And It Shall Happen. How To Push Yourself Towards The Greater.

He let himself loose into the topic at hand and immersed into it like an Olympic level diver executing his dive, perfected after years of honing his craft. He didn't emerge from it for several hours, just checking his phone after every twenty minutes or so, for messages if any. That was the thing, he … Continue reading Believe And It Shall Happen. How To Push Yourself Towards The Greater.

Make The World Yours In spite Of The Urge To Give Up and Let Go

Like an electron, he charged towards her, before realizing he was day dreaming at his desk. He had been reading a foreign policy book about the rise of Asia and how its soon to be more than five billion people would go on to reclaim their position as the world's leading geo-political region, a position … Continue reading Make The World Yours In spite Of The Urge To Give Up and Let Go

The Algorithm of Life, The Data Religion

His dashboard was ready, its intricately drawn lines showing the connectedness between multiple aspects, straight and curved, equally spread around a few choice words like learning, finance and fitness, floating across other choice words like work and relationships, across every direction. The dashboard wasn't really a board or an interface displayed on an electronic device. … Continue reading The Algorithm of Life, The Data Religion

The Government In His Dreams

Sins felt sick as he introspected the political climate of his country currently, and wasn't surprised. Increasingly, day after day, month after month, and now four years past the installment of a political party of nincompoops to the highest seats of power in the country, hate, violence and misogyny, coupled with a sense of dismay … Continue reading The Government In His Dreams

The Personal God

Sins reached the city of Mysuru in Karnataka state at the crack of dawn, tagging along with a friend who was driving an old, withered bike, which threatened and looked to fall apart any moment. They had borrowed the bike from a second-hand dealer, promising the man that his share in the consignment would be … Continue reading The Personal God

The Rant of A Gentleman

Words couldn't describe Malcolm's state of mind. It wasn't shock. It wasn't angst, or sorrow or agony or any of the usual synonyms for occasions which caused distress, but rather a mixture of hate and peculiarity mired with a weird sense of confusion. His opposite numbers, two men and a woman he had been having … Continue reading The Rant of A Gentleman