The Death of Mr. Sins

For a long, long time, Mr. Sins stared, at nothing in particular. He had begun the year in spectacular fashion. For a full two months he had continued, day after day, visualizing the time when he would be frolicking along a quaint coastal bed, hand in hand with the partner of his dreams. Three days … Continue reading The Death of Mr. Sins

How Can You Understand The World?

When Sins was five years old, he saw the mighty train engine. Mighty, as he called it, seemed like an understatement. As he slept that night, its sounds reverberated in his ears, causing him to wake up in the middle of the night, imagining that the earth had cracked into several pieces at once. The … Continue reading How Can You Understand The World?

The Rule of Sins, A Master of His Destiny.

"I'm here without you baby, but you're still always on my mind. I think about you baby, and I dream about you all the time. I'm here without you baby, but you're still with me in my dream, and tonight girl, its only you and me". An annoying mosquito buzzing inside Sins' ear repeatedly since … Continue reading The Rule of Sins, A Master of His Destiny.

The Anxiety Ridden Path Of Sins

Something just didn't feel right, or was it just his brain chemicals acting fuzzy? He could smell the weird vibes in the air around him, the air that he was breathing, as if something that shouldn't have been, was being. He didn't like this feeling one bit, not one bit, because it made him feel … Continue reading The Anxiety Ridden Path Of Sins

The Sins of the Mind

It didn't occur to him that it was action that inspired motivation and not the other way around, his plane of thought struggling to fight against itself in a bid to overcome lengthy periods of procrastination, compounded even worse by holding the very thoughts about not procrastinating. It was a battle he fought everyday, winning … Continue reading The Sins of the Mind

The Sins of Addiction

His viewpoint was simple, straight forward and honest. According to him, they were. According to him, only him. On the day that had begun with him imagining he was just a sentient being simulating his consciousness in the fast and exciting world of the twenty first century, while experiencing it for real in the twenty … Continue reading The Sins of Addiction

The Sins Of Reality

He felt the familiar cold streaks of lightning, like small jolts of cold blooded electricity that morphed into stabs of emptiness around the region of his chest, like sharpened blades that sliced away at his arteries from time to time. He wasn't a fan of this feeling, but it had become a benign habit, so … Continue reading The Sins Of Reality

The Sins Of Consciousness

The need to belong and conform clawed at him in disguises, tied as he was genetically to the wanderings of his hunter gatherer ancestors whose chances of survival increased exponentially when they travelled or lived together in groups, lest they were killed by animals or other wandering bands of humans. However, he didn't need to … Continue reading The Sins Of Consciousness

In Your Heart You’ve Forsaken Me, In Your Thoughts Forsaken Me.

Sins' time had come. Small streams of tears welled up in his eyes, and disappeared as soon as it had come, only to make a comeback a few seconds later, this time lingering on for slightly more, as if to say..hold on, not yet, not yet, maybe..not yet. But, his mind was made up. He … Continue reading In Your Heart You’ve Forsaken Me, In Your Thoughts Forsaken Me.

The Heart Of Sins

He really liked her. Mysteriously, seeing her everyday made his day always brighter, like a sole positive thought floating amongst an ocean of mixed and negative. Careful, to not make it seem too obvious to her, he would automatically switch to a routine, whereby he would transform into someone who gave out advice. Like the … Continue reading The Heart Of Sins

Pick Up The Phone And Start Talking. Open Your Mouth And Start Talking. Period.

He couldn't sleep that night, his mind remained transfixed on her. He wondered what it was, and took deep, very deep breaths to calm his mind down, drifting into a sleep punctured by weird dreams, in which faceless human beings carried him on their backs, taking him to a temple that housed the mother goddess, … Continue reading Pick Up The Phone And Start Talking. Open Your Mouth And Start Talking. Period.

The Hill Estate of Dreams

Sins had to remind himself over and over again about the priorities that he needed to align within himself, because day by day, he got the feeling that his time as a conscious human being possessing a soul (he hoped he had a soul, because the more he read books, like Sapiens, written by Yuval … Continue reading The Hill Estate of Dreams