The Quintessential Modern Life

“She’s got a smile that it seems to me, reminds me of childhood memories, when everything was as great as the bright blue sky”



“Awesome. So have you told her?”

“That she’s got a smile that reminds me of the bright blue sky? Not directly. I wrote a letter a few months back. It was descriptive. She’s intelligent, she knows. Let her be for now. She’s got a lot on her plate at the moment”

“Make sure you don’t let your feelings distract you from your path, no matter how things proceed”

“Of course. My best version, as always”

They stared at the blue sky in silence. There wasn’t a hint of any cloud whatsoever. The view beneath them wasn’t so great, a couple of streets meandering their way towards the state highway, populated by all sorts of passenger and commercial vehicles, jostling for space with the pedestrians. A couple of brawls took place every hour, their intensity heightened courtesy the warmth of the sun on the brawlers’ faces and backs. Personally, he didn’t like brawls. They only served to take the attention away from the main issue at hand, contributing to no benefit in particular, other than basking in the warm glow of an audience’s view.

It was a holiday.

Why Has The World Become So Complex To Understand?

Not that it meant something to him. As far as he was concerned, all days were the same, to be utilized for productive and enjoyable pursuits basis one’s interests. Of course, one’s profession mattered. For instance, a professional salesperson couldn’t possible make his or her cold calls on holidays. But broadly, he felt each day had to be used for both productivity and fun, ably complementing one another to become greater than the sum of their individual parts. In fact, with so many resources available for free, it would be a metaphorical crime not to take advantage of so many creative and dedicated people around the globe, who only sought validation for their thoughts if not commercial objectives.

He wasn’t claiming that there was nothing more to life than balancing productivity and fun, although it did make a compelling case. All he was saying that, with such a mental make-up, each and everyone’s best versions of themselves would sprout forth in a few months or years depending on one’s consistency and ingenuity. It was worth a try. Rather than meander around pools of mediocrity, spending one’s days in a blur of social media, it would be more prudent to objectively evaluate one’s priorities and write down the time limits that one could afford towards activities that were productive and activities that were fun.

He was also madly in love.

When You Think You’re Weird, You’re Not Alone. You’re Together

Sometimes, in the throes of reading a book or some useful snippet of information on the web, he would instantly tune out and think about her, as if there was nothing more important. As if she represented the zenith of his life, which seemed too idealistic, especially since his brain wasn’t accounting for the complexities of modern life.

She Was The Secret Of His Energy

For all the outstanding capabilities of the brain, its root belonged to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, a lifestyle honed for almost two and half million years, where human beings learnt to survive amidst predators, developing their senses and skills, including laying the foundations of community that we still see today.

Except that modern humans had many communities they belonged to, the least being one’s family and relatives. Personally, he had six communities including his family and relatives. The other five were his workout group, his residential group, his music group that was composed of a drummer, two guitarists, a vocalist and himself, his workplace group and his college group. Although he favoured the libertarian ideal that placed the needs and wants of the individual over the collective, he believed being a part of a community not only fulfilled an evolutionary reason but also served the purpose of networking and constructive feedback.

He decided to make a move. He had many things to do.

Tear you apart blared in his earphones.

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