The New Indian Manifesto

Note: The aim of this post is as always, to educate and inform. This post is intended for everyone in the world, but primarily for the Indian youth population. Youth here, defined as men, women, boys and girls from the ages of 15 to 35.


As we draw down towards the beginning of the third decade of the second millennium, India stands at a crucial crossroads in its seventy two year journey as a secular, democratic, free market economy.

  • We, at Marijuana Maharaj do not think that ‘modern’ Indian youth should care about the notorious Indian class system that has rigidly been enforced over the centuries by our ancestors and continued into modernity since independence by our parents and grandparents. We do not seek to place the blame on our parents and grandparents. They are the product of another time, an another era and their experiences has shaped them into what they are. We respect those experiences. But, in the information age of today, we must focus on meritocracy over everything else. We call for the dismantling of the invincibly, subconsciously erected class system. Its time is over.
  • We, at Marijuana Maharaj do not think that ‘modern’ Indian youth should care about religion. We do not claim that religion is useless or helpless or senseless or unscientific or anything of that sort. On the contrary, we believe religion will help every Indian look beyond imaginary or past or present figures, towards something much greater. Namely, the ethos of humanism. We believe that the values of ‘modern’ Indian youth will overshadow their inherited religious beliefs towards the greater thrust of humanism. We call for the rise of the humanists, who will steer each and every individual towards the greater glory of themselves and fulfill their inherent talent and potential towards whatever it is that they seek.
  • We, at Marijuana Maharaj believe that a vast portion of the Indian youth isn’t accessing the right information, blinded as they are by the information overload that reaches out to them at every corner. We need guides, we need mentors, we need help to navigate these vast throes of information highways that have seemingly warped our minds and relegated the not so lucky ones to believe in the written and spoken word of sources who do not have the best interests of the humanists at heart. We call for the humanists to rise, make themselves heard and reach out to everyone by writing and telling them what is right. Not what they feel or believe, but what is right. But, what exactly is right, anymore? Who is to be believed? What is education, anyway? Is it a way of thinking? Is it a mindset? Who can be trusted to lead this charge?
  • We, at Marijuana Maharaj believe that the incidences of hate, violence, misogyny and assault being borne by Indian women is deplorable and speaks volumes of the mindsets we have bred and nurtured in our households for generations. While a lot has been written and spoken about the possibility of public representatives – harbingers of these crimes themselves in many cases – championing a solution other than eyes for eyes or severe punishments or other emotional outbursts, We call for the systematic ‘takeover’ of public ‘hangout’ spaces, a domain largely occupied by men in India’s case, a challenge that needs to be undertaken in the cosmopolitan cities first, home to millions of women already, so that the message proliferates towards the hinterlands in due course. Let Indian women go out and watch them help themselves. We realize its easier said than done, but what’re we waiting for? If we’ve endured so much, what’s stopping us from going all out and exhorting as many women to ‘claim’ the streets as possible? Who can lead this charge? A rising tide will lift all boats.
  • We, at Marijuana Maharaj believe that every Indian youth at their core, wants to be financially independent and ply their aspirations and dreams towards something greater than themselves. We shall abhor all forms of hate and strive to really understand the crux of each and every problem because every problem is a technical problem that can be solved if we are enterprising enough. Let us not believe anything anyone says or claims till we ourselves, individually understand it for ourselves. How many times has the mental laziness to think led us down the path of destruction and violence? We call for the innovators, entrepreneurs and thinkers to come froward and provide context to each and every social, religious and economic problem because life has never been about simple cause and effects, but rather multiple causes leading to multiple effects. Its precisely this problem that advanced algorithms process to solve.

We do not know how much damage has been done and it is not our prerogative to dwell upon them. What we simply ask for from our readers is that they do not rush headlong into the throes of the information age without a sense of direction. Because, if they do, the sense of confusion and helplessness that plagues all of us from time to time, in our deepest moments of solitude, will continue to haunt us for generations to come. Help is there. Seek it. Let us abhor blind decision-making and make decisions for ourselves, not for our parents or grandparents, but for ourselves. Because if we do, its just better. It removes all emotional and irrational behaviour out of the way and makes everyone better off in the long run.

All youth of the world, unite!

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