HempCann Solutions To Launch India’s First Medical Cannabis Clinic In Bangalore

Odisha based HempCann Solutions Private Limited has chosen Bangalore’s vibrant start-up hub, Koramangala to launch Vedi Wellness Centre, the first of its many planned wellness centres, which will offer Ayurvedic Healthcare, Natural Bodycare products, Prescription Cannabis Medicines and Doctor Consultation.  

Expected to open for patients by the end of January, HempCann has spent the best part of the last five years in the laboratory conducting research & development, post which the company began supplying its products to select doctors and their patients, under the Vedi Herbals brand. The company is also conducting a seminar on Medicinal Cannabis and other Herbal alternatives in collaboration with the Medicinal Cannabis Foundation of India on the 1st of February at Bangalore, for select invited guests including health-care professionals and patients interested in herbal/ alternative medicines.  

“We have received very positive responses from several doctors practicing in India, with regards to our Ayurvedic formulations. We started with the sole aim of making effective herbal medicines, including Cannabis available to people in need and distress. Cannabis has several mentions in Ayurveda, which is India’s original medical system that is more than five thousand years old. India is the birthplace of Cannabis and now is the right time to make healthcare professionals realize its immense therapeutic value,” said Mr. Sourab Agarwal, Managing Director of HempCann Solutions and the Founding Trustee of the Medicinal Cannabis Foundation of India.

From left to right: Cannaflam oil, Cannapain oil and Cannaron oil. These Cannabis medicines will be available for patients with a valid medical prescription.

“Being a scientific and adventurous medical person, I learnt about Cannabis through a video by Rick Simpson’s Phoenix tears. To satiate my curiosity, I began studying all the articles on the medical indexing website PubMed. Dr. Ethan Russo was particularly of great help, sharing his articles about the human endocannabinoid system and its deficiencies. I did a course on Cannabinoid Medicine after which I realized how medical Cannabis could help Indian patients. India’s ancient Ayurvedic system has the potential to make great leaps provided we take a scientific approach and develop our capabilities even further”, said Dr. Sayed Tahir Hassan, Chief Medical Consultant at HempCann Solutions.

Cannabis is currently being discussed among leading researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs and public servants across the world to harness its benefits for medicinal uses, especially its ability to relieve pain, anxiety and depression in addition to treating a wide variety of chronic illnesses. In India’s healthcare system, considering the onset of lifestyle diseases in urban regions, there is a high potential for Cannabis to make its mark as a viable medicine for patients and the wider medical fraternity.        

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